Jan 28, 2015


“Blood, blood, blood, makes the green grass grow.”
According to a former US soldier, this is what they were taught to repeat when marching. He says this , "was the mantra we used throughout basic training. Our young boots hitting the pavement, grass, and dirt, each heel giving the cue to yell the cadence “blood,” then again, “blood.” Source


I first read about this "mantra" when I read about an American named Noah Pierce. Noah killed himself after working as a trained killer, (AKA a soldier)

. " Here is that story http://www.utne.com/politics/lonely-death-noah-pierce-ptsd-iraq-war.aspx?PageId=3#ArticleContent

Message to Americans, "Sometining is seriously wrong with your culture." S. Hein

Jan 23, 2015


In Memory of


Leelah Alcorn




She had a lot of things in common with Priscilla...



"Anecdotal stories of harm are no basis from which to ban an entire form of psychological care. If they were, the psychological professions would be completely out of business."

hmmm... maybe that woiuld be a step in the right direction.. S. Hein

Quote is from this page..


and "psychological care"? hmmm, I don't think that is what Leelah, or Priscilla would call it.

P talked about wanting to be transgender many times. I never took it very seriously... Now he i gone. Alive, but gone. So this page today is also in memory of Priscilla.

Leelah's suicide is not surprising to me. I won't say "I hope" her death will not be in vain. I will take some action, do something, to help her be remembered. And also help people think more about the laws which say it is ok for people called "parents" to control the lives of people called "minors". For many people it is obvious that Leelaha's parents killed her thru their lack of acceptance, and their lies about loving her. She represents everything I have been writing about for over 15 years. How many more "minors" will have to kill themselves before those who make the laws, and those who vote for those who pass the law, wake up?

Priscilla and I put a book together called Letters from the Unloved. Almost no one has bought this book. Almost no "adult" that we have met can handle the painful truth inside. It i full of stories of teenagers who are not accepted by their parents, not allowed to choose where they live and who they live with, and the pain the suffer as a result. S. Hein



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