Note: I am currently in Brazil.

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May 26 - Update to Empathy

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June 10 - Went with Fabio to visit 2 of his clients yest. Xavier and the factory that makes plastic chairs, crates. Went to CS meeting. Met Thais, Yaya. Today will go to Palmas' from warmshowers and visit university.

Here is something I wrote to a couchsurfing online friend:
I haven't been too depressed since I came to sao Paulo. I have been meeting a lot of nice people and people here smile and are helpful.

June 9 - Here is a message I left for a young Brazillain person referred to as a "lawyer"

Hi ___

I see that you are planning to go to the ____ meeting. If you want to hear some new ideas which are very different than what you have learned so far in school about law, human nature, government etc please look for me or write me.

Things like nonviolent communication and helping people instead of punishing them and prevention and mediation and reconciliation and emotional needs and understanding instead of judging and voluntary relaionships instead of forced ones.



It will be interesting to see if she replies!

June 8 - 7:45 AM Still In Sao Paolo. Yesterday met Eduardo from Spain, Nathaila from Brazil. They each wrote me letters...

Also met Santss who left home at 16, travelled to Europe in his 20's. Self taught in English, French, German.
Watched a
video of him singing Empire state of mind.

Also met Karolina from Poland and her bf who is some kind of consultant and told me about 2 people. He went to a

Also met Oleh from the Ukraine who has his own marketing busieness. He told me a lot about what is happening in Ukraine. He was offering marketing help to Karolina and I and the hostel. I feel guilty I don't have something I can give them which is short enough to help them in their relationships.

While I walked to this supermarket

Eduardo and Nat.. - met in foz do Iguacu. He is here on student visa. reminds me of how messed up society is. It will be hard for rhem to spend time together. His university thinks his grades are more important than love. The governments think their rules and laws are more important than love.

Last night two drunk Brazilians kept pressuring me to drink beer with them. Later they broke a beer bottle in the street. It was painful to hear it breaking and painful to hear the cars driving over the glass.

As Joe said, People who aren't cared about don't care... See Caring

Also met Claire from the UK, 22 who had been in relationship with older woman 30.

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