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Judging, Understanding

I have written a little about this before. But I have been thinking about it again.

I can't escape from this question:

What if we had understanders instead of judges?

I thought of this again as I went past a new prison they are building here in Salta, Argentina.

Here are two related questions: What if people felt understood instead of judged? What if people felt helped instead of punished?

There are a few questions that I have come up with which I believe could change the way we live and relate to each other. Another one which I haven't called much attention to in a long time is this one:

What if we taught children and teens the names of their feelings,
then asked them how they feel and really listened?

Please copy these questions and send them to as many people as you can think of who might give the answers some real thought.

S. Hein
March 17, 2006
Salta, Argentina


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