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Mail about feeling word list

Here is a mail I got in 2012. I am cleaning out my inbox a little today...



Let me introduce myself, my name is Ruvita, I'm a student in Maastricht University, right now I'm working on my Text Mining assignment, my assignment aims to detect the degree of depression  of a patient by analyzing her/his pre-treatment email, This task is done by doing some computation on positive and negative emotional words written in their email.  I found usefull wordlist of negative feeling words on your web but the word listed in the is only from A-S ,and it's free to donate new words. I found these word not yet included in the list :

sorrow  envy cruelty grief avarice rage

 by any chance, the website stated that  a free copy of the list to anyone who donates new words , I wish i can get a copy of the list by giving new words because it will be very helpfull for me  and of course hopefully these words will enriched the list.

Thanks in advance

Kind Regards,



I have a couple comments...

1. I checked the fw.htm page and I found all the words on her list, or a variation of them.
2. It is painful for me to see that she is being taught to call depressed people "patients"
3. It is painful that they are using a computer program at all with someone who is depressed. Do they have that many? If so, why? What is wrong with Dutch society? I could answer that question myself but to answer it fully would take me a long time. But I will point to how the Dutch were one of the groups of people who kept the apartheid system going in South Africa for so long. Along with the British, another culture famous for its empathy. Not. And the Dutch are also famous for their efficiency, rationality. But not for their empathy.

BTW I am in a particularly bitter mood right now because I am feeling a lot of pain from the loss of my partner Priscilla.

I am tempted to write back to this person and show her my page on psychology students and my page on anti-psychiatry and my page on depresssion.

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