How many times do they say "I feel..." and then a feeling word?

How many times do they threaten?

How many times do you see violence?

How many times do you see sarcasm?

In what way are they a good example for children?

What are the values that are being promoted?

How many times are there examples of people helping poor people?

Ask girls why they like novellas.


School principios

Ask children how they feel about their work instead of grading and judging them. Teach them to be their own judges. Teach them to question authority.

Have them find answers, don't give them answers.

Teach them to observe, take notes, ask questions.

Teach them to use the Internet to find information, to learn.

Teach them a little French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Russian

Have them write their own text books

Teach them to type with all fingers.

Have older children and teens help younger children.

Sing "Imagine" as school song.

Goal is to teach them how to be happy, solve conflicts, use their emotional intelligence, teach them how to start their own businesses, teach them to feel good about themselves, feel self-confident, how to be good mothers and fathers, how to listen, show understanding, how to listen to their own feelings, have more respect for nature, be more in harmony with nature,

Not to get them into a university. Not to pass university entrance exams.

Train writers. Give them assigments like interviewing church leaders, school directors.

Start our own newspaper. Publish our own books. Create our own web site. Travel around. Spread our ideas to other cities in Peru. Other countries in South America.

City improvement projects

Have them interview prisioners, homeless people.

Write abouit abuse.

Find out what is being done to stop abuse. Who do you go to. What do they do. How do the children feel after they have denounced someone. Create a home for teenagers when they 18. Try to get the laws changed so it is easier for them to leave before they are 18. Teach that love is more important than education.