Intro June 3, 2013

We are writing this book because we are in pain. We are in pain because we see so many children and teenagers being "domesticated." They are being raised to be copies of the previous generations, with all its dysfunction.

By writing this book we hope we will feel helpful. We hope some people will appreciate it, so we will feel appreciated.

We thought of saying, "We wrote this book because we care about you." But then we realized we don't even know you. Maybe we never will.

Maybe we will be dead before you are born. One of us is 55 years old. One is 22 as we start writing this book.

We have both suffered intense pain. Mostly emotional pain. We had enough to eat. We had a place to sleep, at least most of the time. Some nights when we were traveling to the 30 countries we have been to together, we had a hard time finding a place to sleep. Sometimes we were caught in a storm during the middle of the night while in a tent that was blowing apart.


It will help us if we feel understood by you and cared about by you. Maybe you can write us while one or both of us is still alive.

But in any case, we want to write this book - for you and for us. But mostly for us - to help reduce the pain we feel every day.

We have both thought of killing ourselves because the pain has been almost unbearable. So we understand depression. We understand self harm. One of us, who we will call P, self harmed for years as a teen. Her arms are evidence of her pain.

The pain from not feeling understood. From not understanding. From not feeling free. From feeling forced. From feeling invalidated. From feeling laughed at. It is painful for me to write this list...

So I will stop there. I won't list many of the reasons I have felt the excruciating pain which I have in the past 10 or so years. But I will list a few... These include, feeling alone. Feeling labeled, judged, misunderstood, mocked, rejected, abandoned, stereotyped, ostricized, controlled.

Ok that is enough, enough to satisfy my need to feel understood right now. But there is much more. Much more I feel a need to feel understood about.

Btw thank you to Desu and Xcritieria for helping inspire me to write what I have just written. Please help me keep writing. I need help from others. I am starting to cry now. It is so painful not to have more help. I could do so much with a litle help from my friedns.. as the song goes. But I have so few friends. I feel so alone, so often.

S. Hein - June 3, 2013

And thanks to SoulRiser for having this site. For being herself. For accepting me, valuing me, encouraging me, taking my writing seriously. Trusting me.

A tear just rolled down my right cheek.....


The above was my first entry. This is my first part of this book which I hope evolves. It won't be my book. It will be our book. I don't even know who all the authors will be, but I already know that I want to invite xc and sr and of course P to make their contributions. I don't know how it will work yet. But I have a good feeling about it. I have a good feeling about xc, sr and P. The word "team" comes to mind...

June 3

Second entry

In reference to what Desu said about getting a job... My suggestion is to think about creating jobs, not getting a job. Creating jobs for your friends and those you care about.

This ties into my beliefs about an ecomomy based on caring. I mention this idea in my framework for an emotionally intelligent alternative society

Feeling Confused.

One of the things listed in the original post was " How to do well in school"

I am confused because the post also said "It would be written from an unschooling perspective"

P is also confused. She says something like "How to survive school if your parents force you to go - or the government that your parents are afraid of disobeying because they parents can be punished for not sending you to their schools.

Schools As Copy Machines

P and I were talking about how many schools are used like copy machines. And we thought of the quote "The purpose of education is to reproduce society:"

We said that one big problem is not all pieces of paper going into the maching are the same. So when you try to dump the same chemicals onto them and force them thru the same process, some come out damaged. Some don't come out at all.

Most people think the copy machine is basically a good thing. And that we need to put all the blank pieces of paper that are anywhere to be found thru the machine. Then we will have a great society. So they focus on what comes out of the machine. Is it a good duplicate of the original on the top of the machine? That is pretty much the main question it seems.

Few people question the fact that those who created the machine designed it for the purpose of making copies. Not for the purpose of understanding the nature of the piece of paper being fed into it. In other words, what is the chemical or genetic makeup of that piece of paper? How is it unique?

It is not a machine which considers the possibility that each piece of paper is different, individual.

It is definitely not a machine that questions the original. It's purpose, by design, was to reproduce the original. It did not create the original and it probably has no idea where the oritinal came from. It is just designed to reproduce. And keep forcing the paper thru, as quickly, efficiently and "effectively" as possible. This is what the owners of the machine want. But the machine is not aware it is owned.... The maching has been programed with certain beliefs. For example, that it is doing humanity a great service. And that it is needed. And it is nessary that all blank pieces of paper are put thru its inner mechanism and come out as close to the original as possible. The closer the better and at the least cost possible. Because the owners of the machine have to pay for the copies.

Yet they don't mind because for them it is a good investment. They get a good return on their investment. They get workers, administrators, soldiers, teachers, bureaucrats, managers, team leaders even cheerleaders. They also get entertainers. So they don't mind investing in their copy machines. As long as they keep donig what they were designed to do.

Another thing to remember is neither the owners of the machine nor the machine nor the operator cares much about how the paper feels. The important thing is the outcome. The paper is a resource. Relatively easily replaceble and expendable if it gets jammed or causes damage to the machine.

Last night some parents were saying how great JP Varega was because in the 1930s he made schools in Uruguay free, forced and secular. Free in the sense of not having to pay and forced in the sense of compulsory.

Not many pple have a problem with schools being free and forced at the same time. But if you are forced, then obviously you are not free. Even if you don't have to pay for what is being forced on you. Like free eletrocution in the electric chair...

It makes me think of free education for slaves -- free "education"on how to use the machines needed to produce cotton for the masters.

SH June 3

June 12

Belief Systems - note toself - 80 20 - All non-Muslims going to Hell.

Domestication - Adapted 4 Agreeents

Not Free - What was the motivation for making a law saying children can;t choose where they live? IE the law making it illegal to "run away"?

What was the motivation for making a law saying slaves can;t choose where they live? IE the law making it illegal to "run away"?

Have you ever heard anyone question the law that says children and teens can't choose where they live and who they life with?

You can choose who you work for. You can choose where you buy food and clothes. So why can't you choose where you live and who you live with?

People who want and need to control others form associations they call governments. These governments

To govern is to control monitor surveille

Essential Reading

Frederick Douglass