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I started this page on Rado in April of 2104. It is now March of 2019. I want to update it for a few reasons.

One is to thank Rado for listening to me yesterday, the 9th. It helped me a lot to send him the 30 or so voice messages on Whatsapp and have him respond in an empathic, validating and understanding way.

Two is to encourage/motivate/inspire Rado to take my ideas and spread them. Rado is the person I feel most supported by and understood by these days. We lost touch for a while but maybe a couple of months ago he contacted me and said this....

Thanks for your new writings and helping teenagers Steve 

(December 21, 2018)

We started talking again and I found out he had moved to Porto, Portugal, one of my favorite cities. And I had just been there a few weeks before as I was on my way down from Belgium to Lisbon where I would fly to Cape Verde, then to Brazil on route to coming back to Uruguay.

Three is to congratulate him again for reaching his goal of working for himself as a freelance web designer and to encourage him to keep looking for a way to make passive income so he can make money while he is asleep but also to make money doing things which help people, especially teenagers in emotional pain.

Four is to inspire him to participate in an ongoing conversation with me which we will post on this site. It motivates me to talk to someone as I write. It has become very hard for me to write in isolation.

Right now I'd like him to take a look at this page I just update and give me his feedback:



Ok so that is the update.. Here is what I originally wrote:


As of April 2014, Radovan is a 20 year old university student from Slovakia.

He has been translating EQI material into Slovakian. He also went to visit Priscilla in England for a few days.

Here are some translations:

Radovan's Page On Emotional Intelligence - In Slovakian

Invalidation in Slovakian

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