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There are many kinds of abuse. This site focuses on emotional abuse. There is also physical, and sexual. And there is abuse of power.

The founder of EQI was emotionally abused by his family, physically and emotionally abused by school teachers and then sexually abused by a male professor at age 18.

All abuse damages us. It causes us to have low self-esteem, low self-confidence. It causes us to feel insecure. It teaches us that our feelings don't matter to others. That we are just of value as objects to be used and discarded when we no longer serve someone else's purpose

These feelings are shown in different ways by different people. Some who have been abused may become overly-aggressive or violent. Others may become afraid of any kind of conflict or confrontation.

Emotional Abuse

Abusive Governments

How To Know If Your Parents Are Abusing You

How to Support Someone Who Is Being Abused

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Personal Writing about Long Term Affects of Abuse

Abuse of Power

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