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Conversation Can Be The Best Medicine


There is an old saying that "Laughter is the best medicine". If you search Google you will find over 3 million results for that exact expression.

But what about conversation? I saw an advertisement for an adult residential care facility which said, "A conversation can sometimes be the best medicine for someone in a residential facility." This inspired me to do some more searches....

"Talking is the best medicine" 33,000 results

"Listening is the best medicine" 8,800 results

"Caring is the best medicine" 1,600 results

"Respect is the best medicine" 1 result

"Understanding is the best medicine" 48,000

"Punishment is the best medicine" 5 results

"Hugs are the best medicine" 47,000 results

"Love is the best medicine" 2,050,000 results



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