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this is a story about a couple in singapore trying to feed their son who didn't want to eat.

father feeds wife. the boy claps.

Second time he offered she pushed his hand away.

Seeing this small conflict between the parents did nothing to help the boy feel secure, given that a child has a nature fear that if his parents argue one or both will abandon him. Children also start to believe that they are the cause of their parents arguing. In this case it would be easy to see how the boy would have evidence to support that conclusion.

She kept trying to put the spoon in his mouth. She kept misreading his communication. He was being very clear that he did not want

Father did very little to comfort his son. was not involved. though he was sitting inches away, you might say he was playing the role of the stereotypical absent father.

I said it was clear he wanted something to drink. Relative said "Coke is not good for him with all the sugar..." I nodded in agreement.

He reached for a class of soda and she snapped at him and moved it out of reach.

at burger king they gave me four napkins and two packages of chili sauce. from a drawer behind the counter.

when the employee came to take my tray, she asked me if I was finished. I saved the plastic cups then she took the rest away and threw the napkins and chili sauce away.

plugged in laptop at 7:32 - let's see how long it takes before they tell me to unplug it. lol.