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Brent Scott

Brent is a friend and supporter of EQI.org and WhatDepresses.Me

Here is a collection of things related to him, from him etc.

Here are some links he has sent us

www.flownow.org | www.saufkieranch.blogspot.com | http://youtu.be/UF5V2PEujqs


http://www.seizebp.org | http://neweconomynetwork.org | http://neweconomicsinstitute.org/organizations |


www.holocaust-trc.org/faces.htm | Buddhist Aphorisms

From Brent April 2012

The last two attachment are things I got from Marilee Adams. her book, Change Your Questions Change Your Life had a big impact on me since the early 90's. The Learner Questions can be applied any time around any issue. Try it! It's the immediate pathway to a better outcome.

Keep your chins up,




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