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A couple early emails from Brooke



Today is such a great day... aww one of the few times I enjoy myself lol.  

Hopefully this will last so I can help others. 

That's what I used to do... help others.  I'm not always the best at it but I read some things on your site about listening and understanding. 

I hope this lasts.   

Steve, do you like the light (as in morning), the evening, or the dark (as in night)?  I find the most beautiful time at night where everything sleeps but still shines.  The stars light up the sky and you spin into them and just melt away.  And the sounds of the night... a train passing by... the soft sound of the city sleeping... the goodnights of the birds.  It feels so perfect.  Everything is so mysterious so I just fit in and nobody notices.  And that's what I want... nobody to notice.  It's a great time of the day and I look forward to it.   

This is sort of spontanoues but it is such a beautiful night.    o and about the brooke page... i like it... question though... "Now I am convinced she really is 13, but she could easily be taking university courses with the mind she has." what do you mean by that?  

and I have to say i'm pretty glad I always seem to be "fine" lol you pretty much covered me... lol   thanks for chatting

i'm sorry you have to deal with a lot though... overwhelming at times isn't it?  




Yes, I will look into your journal writing and see what makes you look bad.  And your right... I do have a lot of time on my hands.  This is probably better than staring at the ceiling lol.   

Steve your thoughts warm me and I have to say thank you.  It's nice to be appreciated by you.    Me famous?  no... Brooke famous?  I don't care.  I'm not that interesting so don't know how that'll work.  lol.  

Well I don't know if it was "homework"... more of a research sort of.  Plus I've been skipping it before and after the research.   

If you still have a hard time believing that i'm 13 you should go meet other 13 year olds and really talk to them.  I do not believe that I am any smarter than any other 13 year old.   



cb is for care bear. I send those to Brooke instead of hugs cuz she told me she doesn't like hugs. But she seems to be happy with cb's!