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When I lived in Clearwater, Florida, one of the largest Scientology bases in the world, I learned a lot about this organization. Here are few words on this:

Note: since they have a history of suing those who "attack" them (ie reveal truths about them), I will say that the following are all reflections of my personal opinion, not statements of "fact." I base these opinions, though, on the my first hand observations, on library research, and on conversations with members and former members. For example, I dated a member for a short time, and I went past a few of their many properties on an almost daily basis and watched them.

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- http://xenu.net/

- http://www.lisamcpherson.org (This is about a young woman who died in Clearwater during the years I lived there so I took particular interest in the case)

- http://www.microcontentnews.com/articles/googleround3.htm - Article about Google banning anti-Scientology ads (probably for fear of getting sued by the litigious "church"

- 1991 Time Magazine article http://www.xenu.net/archive/media/time910605.html


Note this page was originally created around 1997.

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It is a cult, pure and simple.

It is highly organized, efficient and powerful.

It is extremely wealthy.

It has mastered the technique of mind control.

It was started by a very dysfunctional, now deceased, science fiction writer: L. Ron Hubbard.

Even one of Hubbards own step-sons portrays him to be a "madman" (See the book "L. Ron Hubbard: Madman or Messiah?")

It is brutal in its attack on those who threaten it.

It abuses the legal, educational and financial systems of the US.

It has bankrupt the former Cult Awareness Network (through a barrage of lawsuits), purchased their assets and now answers their phone lines. So when a parent calls the CAN and ask for help in getting their daughter out of a cult such as Scientology, a Scientologist answers the phone "Cult Awareness Network, how can we help you." I am not making this up. The story was in Time magazine, as I recall.

They are very smart, very devious.

They prey on people with low self esteem from dysfunctional families.

They are particularly effective at recruiting young people and at bringing foreigners over to the US on "religious" visas.

When people on these "religious visas" come over, they use their visa status as power over them.

They have an intricate and elaborate network of related organizations and businesses.

They have set up multi-level marketing businesses that sell products all around the country via telemarketing, then they funnel money back to the central organization.

They apparently have many insiders rules, one of which is that they are not supposed to do business with non-Scientology members if they can avoid it.

They are extremely effective at robbing the life savings of wealthy people.

They will let someone die, rather than let them get out of their control (for example, the recent death of Lisa McPherson.)

The US government is so shortsighted that they have allowed them tax-exempt status as a "church." And the US has criticized Germany for violating the "human rights" of the Scientologists. I am embarrassed by the US government, particularly Clinton, for this among many other reasons. I also feel discouraged at the lack of intelligence in the US when it comes to seeing a dysfunctional belief system. The US is so stuck on the idea of the "religious freedom", it is not looking out for the best interest of the human species.

They have their own security "police" who dress up almost exactly like the local police. In 1997 they started patrolling their properties in Clearwater with bicycles, just like the Clearwater police. They are almost indistinguishable. Their "police" even carry handcuffs.

They have video surveillance cameras and security guards outside their "hotel."

They own an amazing amount of prime real-estate in downtown Clearwater.

They are very effective at attracting the rich, famous and dysfunctional. IE movie stars. (Recently, Lisa Marie Presley just purchased a mansion on the water near the Scientology headquarters.) It is impossible to know how much money these millionaires are channeling into the organization.)

Their "staff" members dress very neatly, usually in various combinations of blue, white and yellow. Dark blue pants, white shirts and black ties seem to be most pervasive.

They "work" from morning to night. They walk back and forth between their various buildings with blank looks on their faces. They rarely smile or make eye contact, even with each other. It is frightening.

They are very obedient, very trained to follow rules and to "respect" authority.

They seem to spend a lot of money on "health food," vitamins, natural foods, etc.

They are very fear based.

They have an endless list of "classes" for their members, all of which they charge for. If you can't afford a course, they will let you go into debt to them. Then they use this debt as power over you.

Even the youngest recruits are wearing uniforms. Blue t-shirts and shorts, example. By young I mean under 15, for example. Here is a site with pics of some of the many uniforms the adults wear. http://buttersquash.net/archives/ybor6.htm

They are now building a new elementary school of their own. Most likely they will soon be getting government vouchers to pay for their children's mis-education. (Of course, other "religions" such as the Catholics, have long been permitted to brainwash young children's minds under the guise of educating them.)

One of the ways they recruit new members is to offer them a free "personality test." Then they suggest some of their "courses" for you. And then more courses, and more, etc.

They also gather extensive personal information about their new members, which they also use as power over them whenever needed, for example, if the member is considering leaving.

They claim to be interested in the survival of the species, and they convince their members there is a higher meaning to their work, a common religious technique. (Note, I do believe the survival of the species is our highest goals, but obviously I differ in the approach and means to that end.)

Their founder, Hubbard, wrote that the earth was formed as the result of a volcanic explosion from another planet millions of years ago. And that our "souls" traveled to the earth as part of this explosion... or something like that.

So, how do I feel?

I feel frightened that one day one of their leaders will decided it is time to arm themselves, or that one day they will get some of their people elected as mayor, city council members, judges etc. I feel frightened that they are growing so rapidly. I feel frightened that they are programming young children with their dysfunctional and dangerous beliefs. I feel frightened that they have mastered the art and science of stripping a person's emotions and individuality, and turning them into obedient clones. I feel frightened by their immense financial power base and their ruthlessness in using whatever means they have available to destroy anyone who threatens them. I feel frightened by their fear, insecurity and need for control.

I feel resentful that they are not paying taxes. I feel resentful that the government forces me to subsidize them through taxing me.

I feel disgusted that our government allows them to be called a "church."

I feel incredulous that with all the intelligent people in this country, we have allowed them to flourish, and we have even subsidized them.

I feel frightened that they will sue me for writing what I have written, or that they will find some other way to make my life miserable. For years, in fact, it has been this fear that has kept me silent, but I have decided I can keep silent no longer. So if you know any Scientologists, please don't tell them about this page!

Here is the first part of a Rolling Stone aritcle on them..

Inside Scientology

Unlocking the complex code of America's most mysterious religion

The faded little downtown area of Clearwater, Florida, has a beauty salon, a pizza parlor and one or two run-down bars, as well as a bunch of withered bungalows and some old storefronts that look as if they haven't seen customers in years. There are few cars and almost no pedestrians. There are, however, buses -- a fleet of gleaming white and blue ones that slowly crawl through town, stopping at regular intervals to discharge a small army of tightly organized, young, almost exclusively white men and women, all clad in uniform preppy attire: khaki, black or navy-blue trousers and crisp white, blue or yellow dress shirts. Some wear pagers on their belts; others carry briefcases. The men have short hair, and the women keep theirs pulled back or tucked under headbands that match their outfits. No one crosses against the light, and everybody calls everybody else "sir" -- even when the "sir" is a woman. They move throughout the center of Clearwater in tight clusters, from corner to corner, building to building....

Full copy of Rolling Stone article on Scientology