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Donations are very much appreciated. If you'd like to make a donation you may do so here.


Note from SoulRiser: For now I'll be handling the donations and requests for feelings words lists and the Letters from the Unloved ebook.

You can send donations here: https://www.paypal.me/SoulRiser

If you send a donation and want to request the lists or PDF, please also send an email... it makes it much easier to find your email address to get the stuff to you. :)

You can contact me and the other volunteers using the email on this contact page.





If you would like a little something more in return for your donation we would be happy to send you any of the following.


Steve & SoulRiser

Please send or include a note to the email on this contact page, to let us know what you'd like so we can send the right thing. Paypal doesn't always display your email for some reason, so this makes it much easier for us.

  Suggested Donation in US $
Letters from the Unloved - The Hidden World of Teen Depression. In PDF format.

You can also get a paperback copy here.

$3 for PDF
We will send this out for a donation of any amount)

Our full feeling words list (
Painful feeling word list (
Both Lists - Full and Negative words



. If you are not sure about making a donation, please keep reading....

Why Donate

While our site helps a lot of people and we get a lot of thank you letters from adults, we are most proud of the work we are doing for depressed and suicidal teens. The feedback we get from teens is that it is the only site of its kind, and also the most useful site for them. Besides the material on our site, we organize a teen chat and a teen forum.

At EQI.org we believe the teens who are self-harming, suicidal and depressed are highly emotionally intelligent teens, but they come from emotionally unhealthy homes where they lack good emotional role models and emotional support. They need more support than we can give them, but we are doing the best we can. With your donations we can continue our work and possibly expand it in the future. To read some thank you letters and notes from teens, please click here.


Thank You!

The volunteers at EQI.org