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Common Feelings of Depressed Adolescents Who Cut, Self-Injure and Attempt Suicide

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These are all actual statements from depressed, self-injuring and suicidal adolescents. The quotes come from my chats with them, from their emails to me and from their online diaries. In some cases I've made slight changes to help protect their annonymity. In the cases where I have their names, it is with their permission. The non-linked references are for my own off-line record keeping. The examples show how these sensitive young people feel. I'd like to help convince others of the importance of taking feelings seriously to help save lives and spirits.





Approval seeking





Deserving of abuse




Emotionally dead

Emotionally false
















Not listened to

Not taken seriously











Shouted at





Treated Unfairly

Unable to cope

Unable to Cry



Uncared about


Undeserving of love

Undeserving of someone's time









Examples of multiple

Thanks to Briar Fitzgerald for the suggestions of ignored, hopeless, emotionally dead.



Feeling Abnormal

"Why am I like this? Why am I a zombi? A freak to society? I don't know. I'll never know. Maybe I am just...crazy. How I hate that word."


Feeling abnormal and afraid

Feeling abnormal and afraid

" ...school stresses me...emotionally drains me. I see all these people my age who seem just so happy and so...normal. It makes me realize how much of a crazed nutcase I am, and that scares me."




Feeling Afraid, Example 1

My mother, she scares me. Oh, God, my shirt is not in the right
place, she's going to come here and rip it apart because of it, I have
to clean my room. Clean my room, clean my room, clean my room.
My keyboard makes a sound, I'm afraid she'll hear that I'm writing
again. I'm a bitch and a failure in life, she says, because I wash
the dishes too slow. And why is it that I'm not as happy when she
makes me do things in the kitchen as when I'm with my friends? And
why is it that I'm always sick? And why is it that I have such a
goddamn attitude, she says. I don't know Mom, why do you? I don't
know mom; maybe I'm sick of life. I don't know Mom; maybe my
friends treat me better than you do. But then again, when I whisper
to them "my mom scares me" they ignore me every time. At least they
don't scare me, Mom, at least they don't. Oh, God, she glanced at
me, what if she sees me holding my tears back? Oh, God, help me,
she'll start saying the same things to me again. I cross my legs,
and suddenly I become a physically retarded person that can't sit
or stand right in front of her eyes. Her eyes, scare me, too. And
no, Mom, I don't want to be strong anymore. No, Mom, I don't want
to be fast and smart like you anymore. I want to wash my dishes
slow, I want to walk slowly, I want to be a failure who can enjoy
life rather than to see myself as you. And then you wonder: why am
I always away from you? And then you wonder: why don't I share my
pain with you? And then you say out loud "What am I supposed to do
if you can't even clean your room?" And then you punish me, and I
deserve it. And then you wonder: why is my towel always wet and not
in the right place?

From tears, Mom, from tears.

Tatiana, 14



Feeling Afraid, Example 2

Here are talking about a time when this person was around 6 or 7 years old

Volunteer says: were u afraid of ur mom or dad hitting you back then
Nothing to Anyone says: yeah
Volunteer says: who were u more afraid of
Nothing to Anyone says: my mom
Nothing to Anyone says: my dad didnt really hit me.. but he yelled a lot.
he didn't start hitting me till after she left him.
Nothing to Anyone says: my mom did most of the hitting...
Volunteer says: how would she hit u
Nothing to Anyone says: she'd throw things or take a spoon and hit me over the back or the face.
or she'd slap me across the face.
and she shook me a lot and she'd point her finger at me and like push
on my chest with her finger.



Feeling Afraid, Example 3

In this chat this 13 year old wrote me that she used to tell people she was fine, even when that was a huge lie.
She had just read the story about Mary on my emotional honesty page where Mary killed herself even though she had been telling people everything was fine, just perfect.

misunderstood says yeah. i used to do that all the time. the worst part is being the person who says it's fine
cuz you feel so lost and depressed and no one's there. and no one's there cuz they don't know.
it's scary.
Volunteer says u used to tell pple u were fine?
misunderstood says yeah... every day
Volunteer says like who?
misunderstood says teachers, neighbors, my mom. i was always scared if i told anyone like the teachers or
neighbors or anyone that my mom was hitting me, that they'd tell her. and then my
mom would hit me. and if my mom knew i was hurt by what she did, she'd hit me again.

once in second grade the teacher wrote something on my report card about how my grades
must be failing because of the things going on at home. and when my mom read it, she
thought i told the teacher. and she hit me. so after that i told everyone that everything
was fine so no one would get upset, so i wouldn't get hit.
  Question to those interested in emotional intelligence: Was this girl's reaction to her teacher and mother a sign of her innate emotional intelligence? I would argue that it is. She was smart enough to understand the consequences to her if she revealed her true emotions.



Feeling Afraid, Example 4

When they admitted me to the psych ward, it was the scariest thing ever. The cops showed up at my school and told me that they were taking me to the Station to have a little "chat" but they really took me to the hospital and forced me to talk to some crisis intervention person. I felt like I was being punished for being suicidal and I felt like nobody really understood how I felt.

Briar Fitzgerald, 15


Feeling Afraid, Example 5

Afraid says i'm scared
Volunteer says yes
Afraid says of everything
Volunteer says i know
Afraid says and everyone




Alone and unsafe


Feeling alone and unsafe

"I wish I had somebody to talk to...or just to sit by me, so that I would at least feel safer. I get so lonely in this house sometimes."


Approval Seeking


Volunteer says Ok, I just got your email. Do you want me to read it now?
Approval Seeking says um, it doesn't matter. actually can we talk first? is that ok?


Controlled, Ex. 1

Can i just say i was serious about my mum keeping my passport and bank book and having bells on the door and hiding the back door key etc. She must love control.

Note how this person says "Can I just say..." This suggests she has learned she must ask permission to speak, to explain and to defend herself. It reminds me of the autobiography of former slave Frederick Douglas who said that slaves in America were not allowed to "utter one word in their defense."


Utter despair says: if i mess up then i cant get a job
and i need money to live! but at the same time I want to leave home and school as soon as possible
it really makes me upset, frustrated, angry etc
so what can i do?
right now i feel utter despair
*crying loads*
Volunteer says: *hugs*
Utter despair says: i honestly could die right now
*crying so much can barely see screen*
what can i do? please help me


Deserving of Abuse

Feeling Deserving of Abuse, Example 1

Here is a 14 year old who tried to kill herself the night before. In this part of the chat we are talking about when her mother would hit her as a child. I asked her who was responsible for her mother getting mad and hitting her. She told me both she and her mother were responsible. Then I asked who was more responsible. Here is the dialogue:

Volunteer says: who was more responsible, u or her?
Crying Angel says: well... i made her mad but it was her who had to get so mad and act so crazy
so really... it was both of us. but i guess i was more responsible.

Feeling Deserving of Abuse, Example 2

Next is a 15 year old talking about her step-father who was charged with physically abusing her. On this day she called herself Would You Cry If You Saw Me Crying? :'(

The symbol at the end represents her crying, sad face. I have abbreviated her nickname to WYCIYSMC. In this part of the chat I had just asked her how she felt when someone at school found out that her step-father was physically abusing her.


WYCIYSMC :'( says i was really embarassed cuz at the time i blamed myself for wat my stepdad was doing
Volunteer says: how come u blamed urself
WYCIYSMC :'( says cuz i honestly thought it was my fault...
i thought that if he was hurting me it was cuz I was a brat and i didnt deserve to be treated any better
Volunteer says: what did he say to justify him hitting u
WYCIYSMC :'( says he said that I was a bitch and a slut and that bitches and sluts deserved to die
Volunteer says: then how would u feel
WYCIYSMC :'( says horrible. I would lock myself in my room and cry for hours. I thought what he was saying to me was true...

Briar Fitzgerald, Ontario, Canada


Feeling Deserving of Abuse, Example 3

Volunteer from 0-10 how much do u think u deserve to be criticized and cut
down by [your mom], in general?
Tatiana i think i deserve everything i get in this life
Volunteer what about if a guy jumped out from an alley and raped you?
Tatiana haha
Volunteer no i am serious, cuz some pple think girls deserve to get raped
Tatiana no, girls don't deserve to get raped
Volunteer k
Tatiana i said i deserve when my mom yells at me
but it teaches me
and it makes me write more i guess
Volunteer k

what if u liked a guy and he hit you and said you deserved it, like
cuz you made him jealous?

Tatiana i had that
i was stupid
i let him
Volunteer u let him hit u?
Tatiana emotional.........abuse

he controlled me

Volunteer like how
Tatiana i dunno
in many ways
i was obsessed
and he took control over it
and he played me a lot


Feeling Deserving of Abuse, Example 4

Volunteer hey b
Briar hi
Volunteer how r u
Briar sore
Volunteer how come
Briar my bf beat me up
Volunteer oh no

how do u feel emotionally about it

Briar *Shrugs*

i deserved it

Volunteer what do u mean
Briar i wouldnt give him wat he wanted
Volunteer like sex?
Briar *nods*
Volunteer hmm. why do u think that means u deserved to be beat up?
Briar it just does


Deserving of Abuse, Example 5

Briar When my stepdad was beating me I felt like it was my fault. My
mother used to ask me "Why do you always have to get him so worked
up?" and so I blamed myself. He started abusing me when I was
about 8 or 9 and continued to abuse me until I was 14. I called
Children's Aid (social services) several times, but they never did
anything, so that made me think that it must really have been my

My older step-brother even told me once that it was.

Volunteer what did he say exactly?
Briar I was talking to my step-sister (who's a year younger than I) about
how sore my shoulder and neck were after my stepdad threw me down
the stairs and my step-brother walked in and said "It's your fault.
You know that my dad gets violent when provoked". It turns out that
I had broken my collarbone and shattered 2 ribs
Volunteer so what did u do that was so terrible to "provoke" him?
Briar One of my chores was to vaccum the carpets downstairs and after
having done it, my stepdad complained that it wasn't done well
enough so I did it again and he complained again so I did it yet
another time and he still complained so I refused to do it again.
I was standing at the top of the stairs and he pushed me so that i
would fall.
Volunteer wow
Briar he got away with it too
he was found "not guilty" of child abuse

August 18, 2002


Deserving of Abuse, Example 6

In this chat I had been talking to Erica's friend who was with her at her house. He told me she had not said anything in over ten hours. Finally she came to the computer and we started to talk.


Volunteer did u get raped again or something?
Volunteer does that mean yes but it is too hard to say it?
Erica yes
Volunteer k
Volunteer tell me about it....
Erica 3 of
Erica i can't
Volunteer by three people?
Volunteer does that mean yes?
Erica yes
Volunteer oh shit

from those people you/ve been hanging out with lately?

Erica no
Volunteer where were they from?
Erica don't know
Volunteer u didn't tell anyone yet?
Erica no
Volunteer oh erica...

i am so sorry

was it at the party or when?

Erica yeah
Erica i deserved it tho
Volunteer how come?
Erica im a bad person
Volunteer u mean cuz u went to the party and stuff?
Erica i am not a good friend
Volunteer what do u mean
Erica i shouldn't have went
Volunteer u regret it...
Erica yes
Volunteer k
Volunteer hug


Erica im sorry

dont cry

Volunteer u have never said that before
Erica oh
Volunteer it is ok if we cry

have u cried since it happened

Erica i cant
Volunteer just numb huh?
Erica yes
Volunteer k
Volunteer did they hurt u physically too?
Erica yes
Volunteer hugs
Erica they should have killed me
Volunteer how come
Erica cuz i dont want to live anymore
Volunteer u feel dirty or something
Erica yes
Volunteer yeah

did they say shitty stuff to you too?

Erica yeah
Volunteer like what?
Erica im a whore. quit screaming bitch..stuff like that
Volunteer nice

have u thought about calling the cops?

Erica no

im not telling anyone

Volunteer how come?
Erica cuz i cant
Volunteer cuz u want to forget it or what
Erica yeah
Volunteer are u thinking of killing urself?
Erica yes
Volunteer somehow i thought u might say that

oh Erica

u never did anything to deserve getting raped

that is hard for u to believe huh?

Erica yeah
Volunteer if aj or bren got raped at a party would u think they deserved it?
Erica no

they dont do drugs or cheat on their boyfriends or cut themselves tho

Volunteer u really dont like urself right now huh?
Erica hate myself

im a sick person

im bad



See this example



Disbelieved, Example 1

once i told someone about her hitting me and throwing me around and
stuff. you know, people are always saying "tell someone if you're
being hurt" etc. i was 11. they believed me until my mum got
involved. they believed her. she made it all out to be my fault,
accused me of telling lies for "attention" (like i would make
something serious like that up). it's like they couldn't not
believe her...


Disbelieved, Example 2

Volunteer hey why dont u want ur dad to report ur mom?
Disbelieved i dont know.
i really dont
i guess i'm afraid nobody will believe me
like last time
Volunteer yeah
do u think ur dad will believe u?
Disbelieved i don't know because i don't talk to him about stuff like that


Emotionally false

i don't like anybody knowing how i think, & i will not let anybody
from school or wherever know my feelings




I don't feel well right now...Matter of fact, I feel like drawing a sharp edge against the smooth flesh on my wrist. It would feel nice...and it would make me so much better.

I feel empty. Like I am missing something...something I can never catch because I view it as something off limits to me. Like I am not good enough to have it. Not now, and not ever.




Briar i don't want to see my mom
Volunteer how come
Briar cuz...she doesn't call me EVER
Volunteer do u feel hated by her?
Briar *nods*

chat August 18, 2002

Hatred -

Hatred, Example 1

In this chat the person is telling me about being forced to go to a mental hospital.

Volunteer so tell me what happened...
Forced ok. i was at school. i told the counselor about my cutting and suicide attempts. he called and the police. i didn't want to go to the hospital because of my deathly fear of mental hospitals. but they made me. the police said you have to go or else. they put me in a cop car. drove me to the local hospital and got me medically cleared. then from there they put me in an ambulance and strapped me down and took me to the mental health hospital in another town. so i had to give my dad a list of things he should get for me at home. he brought them to me while i rode in the cop car.
Volunteer why did they strap u down? and how did u feel about it?
Forced i have no idea
and i felt scared
i was crying
i wanted to sit up
Volunteer u werent fighting with them or anything?
Forced no
Volunteer wow
Forced i know
i felt like a fucking prisoner
"it's just standard procedure" the lady said.
Volunteer did that help u feel any better?
Forced no. i didn't care. i wasn't doing anything wrong. i wasn't going to try to leave or run away.
Volunteer did they ask u how u felt about going?
Forced no, they just said i had to go
and that it was best for me
Volunteer did they ask how would feel about being strapped down?
Forced no
Volunteer did they ask how you were feeling at any point in the process?
Forced no
Volunteer how do u feel about that now?
Forced i feel hatred
Volunteer why do u feel hatred?
Forced cuz i hate what they did to me
i begged and pleaded with them to not make me go

then they said i couldn't even go home to get my own stuff, that my dad would have to get it
and i wasn't comfortable with that
they said as a parent he had the right to look through my things....and being tied down...i was once tied down and raped...
it scares the shit out of me.


Hatred, Example 2

last night was so horrible.
here is what happened in order:
she punched my arm
grabbed my jaw
grabbed my arm
threw me onto the sofa
slapped my leg
attempted to strangle me (yes! i had to fight her off)

that is the truth. it's not surprising, really. she hadn't done it for a while. i guess it was building up. what a sick twisted person. she then told me to piss off and never come back and locked me out. but i couldn't go because i had nothing with me except the shoes on my feet and the clothes i was wearing. no money, no phone, no nothing. i came back after walking round the block and banged on the door. she screamed at me not to abuse her property. she said i was a disgrace to the family. she said she should have taken me to the doctor years ago but it's too late to help me now. whatever. i'm past caring. i'm used to the shit that she spews.

i don't know what to do. how can i get counselling? i have no money. well i do but you know she keeps my bank book. for fucks sake it is in my name. that reminds me, i'm also never allowed any money again. or never allowed on the computer at her house.
i hate this
i hate this
i hate this
i hate this


Hatred, Example 3

visitor says: i hate my mum

at dinner i said "isn't it a bit strict, all these rules?

mum: i didn't ask for your opinion (angry voice)



See Hatred, Example 1



Invalidated, Example 1 - Turn off the water works

Invalidated, Example 2- Yelled at for crying


Invalidated, Example 1. Turn off the water works

Volunteer Can u think of a way that your dad invalidates u?
GoInG iNsAnE he'll tell me to stop crying.... ever heard the expresion.. "turn off the water works"?
Volunteer no, actually I haven't heard that one
GoInG iNsAnE he says that to me all the time! or he'll tell me i'm full of shit if i try to explain how i feel
Volunteer wow... no wonder u feel suicidal
GoInG iNsAnE my mom does it too

if i start to cry she starts to feel bad so she tells me to stop crying


Invalidated, Example 2. Yelled at for crying

Sensitive Poet i hate my night class

and everyone hates me there, so i come out crying every time and she yells at me cause
of that




oh i am thinking way too much too! about absolutely everything. constantly. i know what you mean...it can get really overwhelming.



i just want to say that i am filled with so much passion for everything. i can never let it out because there is no-one that understands.



sometimes i say "no" to my mother. but she keeps pressurising and i eventually have to back down and "accept" what she says (although i don't accept it. i just let her think that so she goes away and stops making me feel like shit)


See also Pressured by a School Friend


Feeling Responsible, Example 1

Here someone is telling me that she is feeling responsible for, Jeremy, her online ex-boyfriend, having a car accident. She said he had the accident because he went out driving when he was angry at her. She told me he was angry at her because (a) she broke up with him after he made her so crazy she almost killed herself (what she means by "crazy" is making her feel guilty and responsible for his feelings), and ( b) because a male friend of hers likes her.

While we are chatting she is also talking to, Brian, who is Jeremy's friend. Jeremy is the one who just told her about the accident.

Here is an excerpt from the chat

Volunteer says wow. what a mess
Wanna die says *tear* i know, and it's all my fault too
Volunteer says y is it your fault
Wanna die says because i broke up with him
becasue he got mad at me and ran rite into a semi
Volunteer says so u feel responsible?
Wanna die says yeah, this is the kind of thing that is making me wanna die rite now!
Volunteer says what do you mean
Wanna die says because jeremy hates me now!
Volunteer says I still don't see how you are to blame, he didn't have to get angry
Wanna die says yes he did...
Volunteer says he was probably unhappy before he met you
Wanna die says no he wasn't
he was happy before i met him, then when i told him I was a cutter
he would say he was going to kill himself

thats my fault too
Volunteer says hmm
  i don't know.....maybe i just shouldn't come on here anymore,
i've got one friend liking me, one ex boy friend wanting to kill himself....and it's all my fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Volunteer says r u still talking to brian?
  yeah, but i don't want to because all he's doing is making me feel more guilty
Volunteer says what is he saying?
Wanna die says Jeremy got mad at you and ran into a semi, you shouldn't of broke his heart,
i was here when he read your email and he started crying and broke his
door when he slammed it

*tears* it's all my fault



last night was horrible.. i had the worst fight with jon.. i think its mostly my fault.. hell, it is mostly my fault.. shit usually is..





Self Hatred, Example 1

visitor i hate myself so much
Volunteer y?
visitor well isn't it obvious?

Self Hatred, Example 2 -See Multiple Feelings- example 15



Selfish, Ex. 1

In this chat I am talking to someone who, who I will call Emma, who has cut herself and has felt suicidal. In the past several days I had been spending a lot of time with her because of some serious problems at home. Then another friend of mine came on line, who I will call Sensitive Former Cutter, SFC. I had just told Emma that I felt really sad to think of her cutting herself. She wanted to know why it bothered me. Like many of these people they don't think they are worth anyone crying over them or feeling bad when they are hurting. But because SFC had come online and I had not talked to her for several days, I told her I would explain why I felt bad later. This is where this part of the chat begins


Volunteer k i will tell u later
Emma y later?
i have to go like 15 mins ago
Volunteer cuz SFC is on and i want to talk to her. i feel guilty for neglecting her
Emma ah shit it is all me
i feel sooooooooooooooo bad
how could i have been so FUCKING SELFISH
Volunteer lol
Emma no really
Volunteer she just came on, silly
Emma i feel so bad
so so so so so bad
im so sorry

Then she disconnected. My question is where would someone already get such a distorted view of themselves by age 14? I was so surprised by her intense guilt and self-condemnation that I copied what she said and showed it to SFC. Here is that part of our chat.

Volunteer read this...

ah shit it is all me
i feel sooooooooooooooo bad
how could i have been so FUCKING SELFISH

SFC lol
Volunteer Here is more...

i feel so bad
so so so so so bad
im so sorry

SFC whoa
Volunteer then she disconnected
SFC wow
Volunteer what do u make of that?
SFC i have no idea. i've never heard someone get so upset
over me just getting on and you wanting to talk to me...
please tell me she's being sarcastic
Volunteer no
she isnt the sarcastic type
she really feels bad
and she really hung up...
and she hasn't come back online
SFC wow
i hope she really wasn't crying
Volunteer i think she really was


More examples

Selfish, ex.2

my mother always tells me i'm like my dad, as an insult. she says i'm selfish. she always says it. am i selfish, typing out this selfish self-centered email? i feel selfish. i feel like shit


Selfish, ex.3

i am selfish because i go on and on about my problems.


Selfish, ex.4

it feels like i am being really selfish.


Selfish, ex.5

i feel...should i write how i feel? it just seems so selfish right now. writing "i" and "feel".


Selfish, ex 6 (TSIS = Thinks she is selfish)

Volunteer says ok, what about the idea u are selfish?
TSISsays i don't know where that came from. maybe i just am.
or maybe it's the best insult she can find because she thinks my dad is selfish and im related
Volunteer says how does she want u to feel when she says it
TSIS says she wants me to feel bad. definitely. but i don't know why she thinks i'm selfish. i honestly don't. maybe that sounds really conceited but it's not like i don't share or lend things to people. i always try to make sure i don't even appear selfish because i don't want her shouting at me saying i'm selfish


Shouted At

See multiple feelings example 12


Today this person chose the name "No words can describe how I feel." When we started the chat she was reading an email from me. I asked if she wanted to finish reading the mail or talk first. She said the mail. So I told her to let me know when she was finished. "..." is what people often say when they don't know what to say.

Nwcdhif ok i am finished
Nwcdhif i can talk now
Nwcdhif ...
Nwcdhif ...
Nwcdhif hello
Nwcdhif please come back
Nwcdhif i'm sorry. i should have just talked to you while you were here


Volunteer ok what do u want to say first?
Nwcdhif i don't know. i jusy want to talk about anything
Nwcdhif *just
Nwcdhif sorry




Feeling Threatened Example 1

She told me to get to bed or she said she would put me out on the road.


Feeling Threatened Example 2 - See multiple feelings, example 9




Trapped, Example 1 - need to get away

i really need to get away.. just for a little while.. ya know?


Trapped, Example 2 - rules

Could you ever forgive
my self-pity? says:
sorry, i have to go soon, in two minutes
i am timed on the computer. how stupid. it's not like we pay.
also, i am only allowed on every three days. i get 45 minutes and an hour on the weekend
we also have rules: ready for bed at 8, in rooms at 9, light out at
i feel so trapped!!!!!!!!
Volunteer says: how old are u?
Could you ever forgive
my self-pity? says:

april 25


Treated Unfairly

Steve, i am sorry but you do not understand my mother. she is very hard to explain. she denies to herself that she hurts me, it's obvious. i said to her the other day, after she pushed me (there are so many incidents there is no point in writing them all down. well, there have been recently) "what gives you the right to push me?" she got so angry. she said she was allowed to because she has control over me etc. she sounded so convinced that it was fine, everything she does is fine "because it's within the law". she said that. well maybe it is. i should probably shut up then.

email may 12


Unable to Cope


Unable to cope Example 1

i don't know what i am going to do. i have felt like dying for a while now. i did read your entry where you said you didn't want anyone else to die, but.. i can't take it. i feel physically weak and emotionally tired. each day it is a little harder to make the effort to get up and live. i feel so alone. i want to cry. i need to cry. i am crying now. there is no point in me living.


See also multiple feelings example 12, example 13


Unable to Cry

i also want to thank you. you know the other day, when you said all that stuff about crying? and you know how i said that my mother has always told me it is bad to cry and how i find it hard? well, thanks to you, i can cry a little bit more now. last night, i felt really down and some tears came. at first i as trying to force them back, but then i thought about you and thought "i don't care what she thinks anymore" and cried, really cried, about everything. almost all night. so thank you.





Feeling Unaccepted, Example 1

During this chat we were talking about what people need when they are feeling suicidal. I am asking what this person thinks they need the most in their own life.

Volunteer says take a look at my list of needs again and tell me what u need most

here is the link -- www.eqi.org/needs.htm

Someone please shoot me says K hold on....

probly accepted

nobody accepts me.

they don't accept that i'm a goth, that i do drugs, that i cut,
that i listen to heavy metal, everyone just treats me like i'm a freak.
and it makes it really hard to love yourself when everyone around you is
always judging you.



Feeling Unaccepted, Example 2

Once I was getting frustrated with someone because they weren't doing what I wanted them to do. I said "grrrr" to show my frustration. Then I realized I was frustrated because I wanted this person do be different than she was. And then I felt bad because I know how important acceptance is and how little she feels accepted by her parents.

Here is that part of the chat.

Volunteer Did u get the file?
Feels Unaccepted well, unless i am dreaming i did
Feels Unaccepted but u probably wanted a simple answer, so yes, i did
Volunteer grrrr
Feels Unaccepted what?
Volunteer nothing
Feels Unaccepted what??
Volunteer lol
Feels Unaccepted please tell me y u said grrrr
Volunteer yes I wanted a simple answer!
Feels Unaccepted y don't u accept me?
Volunteer sorry. i guess i do want to change u...
how much do u feel accepted by me?
Feels Unaccepted about 4...
Volunteer oh no! that is horrible.
bad me....
Feels Unaccepted this is great isn't it.... confirming everything.
it just reinforces the self-hatred
see, even other people want to change me
i am just not good enough
Volunteer k -- i am going to work on it
4 is way too low
i am glad i asked
i promise to start working on it
will u help me?
Feels Unaccepted i dont see how i can
Volunteer when u feel me trying to change u or not accepting u, please tell me
or write me about it later when u realize it

i am sorry

i really am

Feels Unaccepted it's okay.
apology accepted.
Volunteer *feels really guilty and bad*
Feels Unaccepted why do u feel so bad, i said it was okay
Volunteer cuz i like u and want to accept u
not change u
and cuz it hurts u when u dont feel accepted
and i dont want to be like everyone else
and i feel hypocritical

nuff reasons?


Feels Unaccepted u r not like everyone else i know. u dont need to worry about that

and i didnt ask for a fucking essay
Volunteer lol, ok
Feels Unaccepted lol


Feeling Unaccepted, Example 3

Some want it. Some of us have it. Others hate the people who have it or want it. It's popularity. Maybe i don't have the most popular journal but i honestly hope people read this. That request is just another one of the millions of examples of someone wanting to be accepted.

My mom used to tell me, "it's not the quantity, it's the quality." which has truth. But who wouldn't feel better about themselves if they had 20 people surrounding them everyday. I admit to wanting that. I smile. I Laugh. I join in. I take control in bad situations. And yet, it's not me who has the popular social life. it's the other person.

When i was younger guys used to swarm to be around me. they would fight over who was going to walk me to school. I loved it. And then, we went to middle school. There were more popular and prettier girls then me. The day i stepped into middle school was the day, the guys quit walking me to school. It was also the start of my decline in self-esteem.

People are always saying that maybe you should change the way you act, or your attitude, or your cloths. so i changed. but popularity is still evasive. It seems as though the only people who don't judge me by the way i dress are the kids known to most as "the druggies" -- they accepted me unconditionally. More so than my best friends at times. And quite frankly that scares me.

People wonder why kids go off and do drugs and have low self-esteem and dress like punks. maybe it's because the people they hang out with, even if they do do things society finds unacceptable, at least they aren't judgmental........ When i met them, i quit trying to impress everyone else and be popular, and i started feeling better about me. But what price will i pay for a higher self-esteem?


Uncared About

Volunteer how much do u feel cared about by your mother?
Uncared about 0
Volunteer and by your father?
Uncared about 1




I will call this person "Doesn't believe she is pretty." She had just told me that a male friend of hers told her she was pretty and that it felt "weird" to hear that.


DBSIP that was the first time anybody has called me pretty. i can't be. if i was then why have i never had a boyfriend or even a date?


Undeserving of Love

In this part of the chat Crying Angel is telling me that she doesn't deserve her boyfriend's love. She writes:

He loves me so much and cares about me so much. He writes me love letters that make me cry. He listens to me whine about my problems. He's great! and what do i give him in return? I try to kill myself...

I told her it sounded like she didn't feel deserving of his love and here is some of the chat which followed:

Crying Angel says right. i dont deserve him.
Volunteer says how deserving do u feel 0-10?
Crying Angel says umm... 3.. maybe.
i mean.. i love him, and i think i make him happy and everything, but it's not nearly enough.
he is the best and im the worst.
Volunteer says why do u think u are the worst
Crying Angel says i try to kill myself. i am not happy all the time or smiling or laughing or fun. im not fun.
and he is. he is so great and so... PERFECT. but, i... i am not. Im depressing and dangerous.
Volunteer says k what else don't u like about yourself
Crying Angel says i dont like anything about myself. my personality... my looks... i am a freak...
Volunteer says k what else
Crying Angel says i dont know what else... i just hate myself. and i find it very confusing how he or anyone
can see the good in me...
Volunteer says so is there anything good about you at all?
Crying Angel says no
there isn't...



Volunteer says how deserving of love do u feel?
M says do you mean how much i think i deserve love?
Volunteer says yes
M says hmm... mostly i think 0. but sometimes i think "why doesn't anybody love me?" and then it is probably 2 or 3


Undeserving of someone's time

Undeserving of Someone's Time, Example 1 In this example, we have just started talking.

visitor says if you want to go then u can, i don't mind
Volunteer says thanks but i would rather talk to u
how do u feel about that?
visitor says um... surprised
Volunteer says yeah
no one has treated u like u r worth their time, huh?
visitor says yeah. nobody. not really.

chat may 11, 2002

Another day...

visitor says why don't you go and talk to someone better
Volunteer says u are feeling really bad, huh, worthless again?
visitor says always. i am.
Volunteer says u can't understand why i talk to u...
visitor says no!

chat july 21, 2002


Once I was having a chat with a 13 year old. We were talking about why her father didn't understand her.


Volunteer why do u think he doesnt understand u?
Unknown he doesnt even KNOW me!
Volunteer what do u mean?
Unknown he doesnt know what i think about things, he doesnt even know
*that* i think about things... he doesnt know what i believe or why...
he doesn't know why i do the things i do... like he doesnt know
why ...i hate school and always get in trouble there... he doesnt know
why i like my friends or what i like about them... i could go on and on
Volunteer k
how do u think it got like that?
Unknown well when i was going to that private school i would try to explain
things to him, like why i didnt do the work. see we had this stupid
class called "memory" where we had to memorize parts of an old book.
i thought that was totally pointless so i never did it and i failed the
tests all the time. the teacher would talk to my dad about it and he
would get angry at me and start yelling at me. if i argued back he
would hit me. he never listened to why i didnt like it. he just ignored me.
Volunteer that must have hurt more than him yelling at u
Unknown it did.

once i stood there and tried to explain myself for like 30 minutes, but
he just sat there and watched tv.

i went to my room and cried for hours.




Volunteer do u think anyone could ever love u
Unlovable no
Volunteer yeah i used to feel that way too
undeserving of love
unworthy of love

is that how u feel?

Unlovable yes

Briar Fitzgerald, 15




Untrusting can i ask you something
Volunteer sure
Untrusting can i trust you? like, really trust?
Volunteer lol
how can i answer that?
Untrusting no, don't take it the wrong way
Volunteer u have to decide...

i think so, but trust is in you

Untrusting i find it hard to trust people