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Mother in Oregon who wants to connect with other parents


Here is a letter I received. Maybe some parents can connect. It is reprinted with her permission.


Wow.  I just stumbled onto your site and was overwhelmed with the information.  I am a 34 year old woman, daughter of an emotionally abusive mother.  I am also a mother of 5 teenage boys (two are my biological and 3 are my step sons).  I have worked most of my adult life breaking the cycle of abuse in my life and for my children.  I am very interested in helping mothers learn a healthier way of parenting, and help children of abusive mothers learn how to heal and receive validation for their experience.  This is something that I have struggled with my whole life.  I finally came to a point in my life that I realized that I would need to validate myself and I no longer look to my mother for that.  She and I have not had a relationship most of my adult life.

Please let me know of any programs that you know of in Oregon that I may be able to coach, mentor or volunteer to help.  This is an issue that needs to receive more attention than it gets.