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Here is a copy of an article I found online. Unfortunarely I am not sure now where I first found it. S. Hein- Sept, 2013


Mom from hell - claimed daughter

Striking Iman is one of the most exotic models ever to be catapulted to fame on the catwalks. She made a fortune, married a basketball star - and is now the wife of rock icon David Bowie.

But there's heartbreak behind the glitter.

She was accused of turning her first daughter into a "basket case" and all those painful memories came flooding back when she gave birth to Bowie's daughter Alexandria last August.

"She often told me I was as fat as a whale," first daughter Zulekha, now 23, said in 1993. "She turned me into a basket case. Iman acts likes she cares about all those starving children in Somalia, whereas she doesn't even care about her own child."

Now sources close to the family hope those troubles are behind Iman. 

"Being Iman is a full time job," says an insider. "We hope her concern with her own image doesn't make her forget job one-being a mom.

"Iman's past her prime as a model, but you'd never know it. She still conducts herself as if she was the same hot young thing and still longs for the glamorous life.

She's a strange and volatile person. She also brags about spending hours each day in front of a mirror before feeling good enough about herself to go anywhere or meet anyone."

Zulekha, Iman's child by basketball star Spencer Haywood, claimed the model was a horrible mother who made her life a living hell.

Iman starved her of affection, she charged, so she gorged herself on food to hide her pain. Zulekha also claimed that Iman left her home alone without food while she went partying, and even went on a ski trip to Aspen and forgot about her. 

Haywood said his marriage to Iman was wrecked when she began "bumping and grinding" with singer Grace Jones at a Paris disco.

"I was so disgusted I stormed off," he said. "The next morning Iman came back to the hotel and I told her we'd be husband and wife in name only."

In his autobiography The Rise, The Fall, The Recovery, Haywood says that for the last two years of their nine-year marriage they didn't make love.

He also accused Iman of turning him into a cocaine junkie and an alcoholic, destroying his sporting career.

"She introduced me to all the right people, who were all the wrong people. Everywhere we went drugs were passed around like candies."

Haywood even said Iman trapped him into marriage by getting pregnant "so she could stay in America."

"She said she was having an abortion, and I did the right thing," says Haywood, who played with the New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers. Iman, who has been married to superstar Bowie since 1992, said: "I tried, and indeed, continue to try to be a good mother."


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