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Emotionally Abusive Mothers

Letter from 13 Year Old


She never swears at me, she hardly hits me, and she never neglects me. But her words--god, her words..She gets angry and insane over the simplest of things-me forgetting my school books, staying up a little late, voicing my opinion at a family dinner....she just blows up. She has this cold, hard, sharp, cutting voice, and she uses it so often. She tells me that I'm worthless, that she should've killed me when I was pregnant, that I ruined her life. She screams, what did I do to deserve you? She calls me a bitch behind my back, I've heard her so many times. She tells me I'm a little loser, that it's no wonder I haven't got any friends, that if I go on the "way you are" then I will end up with no future, isolated and hated by everybody. She continually tells friends, family, even hairdressers and shop keepers, that she "always gets abused" by me at home, that I'm a "horror" and that she can barely handle me. She talks about my flaws in public, even the stupidest things like me forgetting to clean my room or getting in trouble at school. She tells me I make her want to kill herself.