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Schools and Sensitive People


I have been thinking about this for a long time. I am just going to make some notes now...

From a Haim Ginott book where new teachers are talking:

Grace: Our principal says: "Let them hate you as long as they obey you." But we all know that children do not learn from a teacher they hate.

Bob: The system murders anything decent in us. There is no place for sensitive people in public schools.


From a personal journal (link is down now but it was danbartlett.co.uk)

I am a very sensitive person. It's harder to see now because I had to repress it to get through school, but it's still there underneath.

Later in this same entry he writes..

The bigger lesson for all of us is that we must reject the normalisation of abuse.

His article is not primarly about schools, but this statement that we must reject the normalization of abuse applies to schools because what happens in typical schools is both abusive and normal. To reach a healthier, more peaceful and sustainable world we must change schools and the education processs signficantly.

Privacy. There is no place for a thoughtful, sensitive person to be alone. To think. To cry. In private. Or with a trusted friend.

(Privacy is one of the "human givens")


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