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Thinking more about the girl on the island.

I asked the question: would it be fair to say has low emotional intelligence?

This morning I thought of more questions.

- Would it have been helpful to tell her that a person who commits suicide has low emotional intelligence

Would it be helpful to society to label her as a person with low EQ?

Would it help prevent future kidnappings, rapes and invalidation?

Would it have been helpful for her to have had classes on raising her emotional intelligence?

If not then what would be more helpful?

I looked up the phrase “a well-adjusted slave” the other day. One of the first in the list was this website from which I found this quote.

The site is based on a book called “..” which tells the story of a fictional world full of slaves and masters.

This morning I thought about that some more. I asked myself would I really want a female to be my slave?

Then I remembered this quote:

If you love something, set it free. If it comes back to you, its yours. If it doesn’t, it never was.

And I thought of the laws which prevent a teenager from leaving a building called home before an arbitrary age. And I wondered how parents would feel if they knew that the people called their sons and daughters would leave if they were legally able to. And I wondered if they would try to use force to stop them. And I wondered if a teenager who felt loved and understood by the people called their parents would want to leave the buildings called their homes.