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Is josh an expert?

Who are the experts?

Who is calling them experts?

How did they become experts?

Who is questioning them?

Who is checking them?

Who is authorizing them?

What are their motives? Their values? Their beliefs?

Levels of EI.

EI soldiers. Countries.

Obedience. When do we disobey?

Does the USA need more obedience or less?

Did Germany need more obedience or less in 1940?

Does Israel need more obedience or less?

Does the world need Israelis to be more obedient, more patriotic, or less?

Understanding. Judges. Punishment. Rejection. Ostracism.

Helping someone. To help them you must know what they need.

Compassion. X talks about compassion, but how much does he feel for me?

Does “God” want us to be comfortable?

What is inappropriate? What is forbidden? What happens when you do something forbidden?

Hugs – are they healthy? Who decides who can hug each other?

Kisses on the cheek. Are they inappropriate in schools?

Holding hands? Inappropriate? Unhealthy?

Touch. Healthy? Unhealthy?

Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

What causes Josh emotional pain?

How can we stop wars?

How can we stop teen suicide?

The Israeli soldier from Lima.
They will come find me and kill me.
We have to stick together.
Some people are just born evil.

Do you think a 16 year old should be punished for not saying the pledge of allegiance? For not standing up? For not going to school?

Do you think a 16 year old should be denied entry to a school because they did not wear socks with the name of the school on them? Or did not wear the little bow in their hair?

Pre-emptive defense.

A lot of people in the USA have been talking about a new philosophy of “pre-emptive strikes”. This means they think it is okay to bomb a country before it attacks the USA.

I’ve thought of something even better than this. If everyone in the world believed the USA was the best country on earth and if everyone were loyal to American beliefs, they wouldn’t want to attack the USA. Thus, pre-emptive bombs would be unnecessary.

The way you get people to be loyal to your beliefs and adopt your values is through the education system. Therefore, the USA should make all the children and teenagers in all the schools in the world stand up each morning, face an American flag on the wall in their classroom, and say the American pledge of allegiance.