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Measuring your Emotional Intelligence is one of the most important things you can ever do in your lifetime - significantly improving the quality of your life!

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Measuring your Emotional Intelligence (EI) on this site can give you the insight necessary to find your career, to be more successful in your job, to have better - more rewarding – relationships, and thereby, to be happier! You are also likely to receive health benefits as well, as you reduce your stress!

Would these benefits be of interest to you? They should be. We are talking about significantly improving the very quality of your life!

Stop and think about this offer for just a few seconds. What would it mean to you if you could find the career where you would be happy, successful, and make a good income too? How valuable would it be if you could find a way to enjoy your present job, do it better, and perhaps get a raise or a promotion?

What would it be worth to you if you could turn a stressed, unhappy relationship into an easy satisfying relationship? Would you like to have more friends, or better friendships? How important would it be if you could find the keys to lowering you stress, which countless medical studies have shown leads to more energy, less sickness, and longer life? Measuring your Emotional Intelligence and using what you learn is the key to obtaining these goals.

About our Instrument: Since 1975, our test, The Simmons Personal Survey, has measured 13 key emotional characteristics. In our initial independent research on thousands of people and in hundreds of companies, we found that these particular traits were responsible for job success and for success in personal relationships.

20 years later, in 1995, Daniel Goleman published his well-known book titled "Emotional Intelligence". Goleman did a good job of summarizing other's research on a few of these emotional characteristics, (Empathy, Optimism, Self-Awareness, etc.) and borrowed the name Emotional Intelligence from Dr. Peter Solovy. To his credit, Goleman did popularize Emotional Intelligence.

At this time, "Emotional Intelligence" became the international buzz-word for the emotional characteristics that we had so carefully researched and measured for 20 years. Therefore, in 1995, we also began to call our traits Emotional Intelligence. However, please note that even though the words "Emotional Intelligence" were not commonly used until 1995, we were already measuring it. In fact, Simmons Management Systems was the first company in the world to measure the complete set of characteristics that are now called Emotional Intelligence!

In the Book "Emotional Intelligence", Goleman stated that "There is as yet no validated paper and pencil measurement of Emotional Intelligence". Goleman was, by his own admission, clueless as to how to measure it and that others (our company) were already doing it quite well. Our publisher Summit Publishing, had heard of our instrument and its reputation, realized that Goleman's statement was not accurate, and asked us to write our book "Measuring Emotional Intelligence". Measuring Emotional Intelligence was the first book in history to detail all 13 Emotional Intelligence traits and to discuss how they may be measured!

The test results that we offer you today are extremely powerful and can dramatically change your life. They are now based on 28 years of research, have been successfully used more than 250,000 times, and have an unequaled 100% accuracy! You won't find any other Emotional Intelligence test publishers able to make that statement!

Shopping on our site is 100% secure, totally confidential, and we give you a Full Money-Back Guarantee! Take our test and get your results back by email, usually within 15 minutes. If for any reason, you feel that you did not receive everything that you were expecting, simply email us at Refund@eqhelp.com and we will give you a complete refund. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

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