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Instead of saying "Don't cry" give them a hug.




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It gave me the same feeling when I watched it.
By the way, you have beautiful eyes. ^_^


I hadn't heard about this so had to look it up. That's an incredible video, the music is great too. There's a videointerview on SMH too. While it's tremendously touching and inspiring, it also highlights how shit the world can be. Reminds me of the dickheads who tried to ban photography around Southbank.


We should kick this off around Australia, Bourke St Mall in Melbourne and Queen St Mall in Brisvegas for starters. Thanks Danielle for pointing me towards the campaign, as I said, I hadn't heard about it. Juan's vid has had a stack of views!


watching videos of other people watching videos isnt the biggest reason i use this site ... more of people burning themselves or beating eachother with baseball bats !!!


I felt touched the same way.


i didnt have any emotion when i watched this clip, cause juan was one of my best mates for years, and he made me walk the plank to cover for somebody else that i feel was in the wrong. mates dont do that, they apparently hug each other.


good luck to him. just never forget your friends. they are worth much more than a hug

pokernuts (3 weeks ago)

not sure what that's supposed to mean. who said anything about forgetting one's friends? why does the worth of a friend need to be compared to that of a hug? my response to you is that what is important is that we love our fellow man as we love our family and friends. its all about making a connection. *HUGS stranger*


beatiful video, hiphip hura!

love. miguel


thank you!! all remember: all we need is love!! a millon of hugs from uruguay- south.america

HelpOutThere (3 weeks ago)
much love and hugz;) simple but powerful, huh?

kingafrokyle (3 weeks ago)
Beautiful!!! Im really glad it touched you the way it's touched millions of others!!
Juan Love

I felt exactly the same way.

it's really nice to know so many other people felt the same way. thanks for all the feedback! :)

You have a good heart, rock on girl..


thanks man. i it was so nice to see something so positive for a change!


yeah the free hugs video was great! i smiled the whole way through it.

pokernuts (3 weeks ago)
Danielle, just wanted to say thanks again as it was your video that pointed me to the Free Hugs clip. I've sent the Juan Mann link to heaps of people, as I'm sure they have too, sort of like that film Pay It Forward. In fact, I'm off to a cuddle party this Sunday in Melbourne (I'm a bit curious/scared).


That is exactly what happened to me. I nearly cried as well.

hahaha cute!


I have a very similar reaction each and everytime I watch this video :)

Hugs from California!


It shows how big of a heart you have and how kind of a person you are from your reactions. This hug campaign thing is awesome, great idea , i am from newfoundland myself, this is the perfect place to do it.


what a great idea to do this video. thank you. i felt exactly the same way.


i feel ya. free hugs to all!


I hope you covered your mouth!

dont cry baby dont cry ;)

shit !! you make me cry T_T

aww im sorry now i feel bad. don't cry :)

\(^o^)/ hug hug hug hug hug.... I'm going to go out to the shopping center near me and hug anything that moves :D

same reaction here! Keep on loving the free world...

It's nice to see the beautiful side of people, thank you.

omg i love this
omg i alwyas get tears from watching that moviee <3

e-hug 4U! >:D<

Hugs for all!

I love it! Ive watched that video so many times that I new where you were at in the video by the music and your facial expressions. Big hug to you!

I'm sorry....but you're an idiot. That could have been relayed with a comment on the hug video, instead you chose to waste a minute and a half of countless human lives.
I think I will go make a video of how your clip made me feel. Thanks. Here's to you failing at the internet.

whatever dude" as the say down here in aus "lighten up. i just felt like doing that so i did. everyone likes different things on youtube. something you hate someone else will love so just except that not everything will appeal to you remember that it might to others and just move on and watch something you do like :) negativity's a bore and a waste of time. :) dani


I think that it wouldn't have been so annoying if you had used the entire vid, instead of just the last 45 seconds. that's all. and then you could barely here the "that's what I needed today" at the end. Savey?


well thats when I would have said "this is boring!" you can have to much of a good thing or anything for that matter. but i much happier to take constructive criticism like what you just gave me than just pointless put downs like before. I actually do appreciate your thoughts. cheers:)

You need a huuug!

Sharing feelings is the best thing one can do. Thanks, and a big hug to you.


Sending a big hug that warms the soul like a fluffy blanket to you sweetheart! There are lots of good people out here!!

Big hugs to you...I get the same feelings. Loved it.

Blainers (4 days ago)
Dani, I was reading comments left for you and found myself getting terribly defensive towards you with the neg comments. The hugs video is amazing, as is the response its getting.When I watch your video, I see another caring compassionate soul that I have a kinship to. Its all in your eyes my friend. Im glad you took the time to express your humanity, and I think anyone considering leaving a neg remark over this, needs to reexam their own. Thank you for this video!


that's probably the most thoughtful comment anyone has ever given me on youtube and I appreciate it. thanks heaps. :)
I'm looking forward to watching some of your videos very shortly
cheers dani


I agree with you Blain, and my note goes to badguy. What is worthless about watching this video which is about how another video, (the orginal freehugs). Touched her? That is free hugs very point love, kindness and goodness to others.

Your post makes no sense to me.
Thank you to Dani for making this video.

Bowing into your direction, what a good example not to be afraid of showing your feelings! The defense shield all the way down. The world a better place.

that was such a great video


How dare people be negative and mean to this poster and then turn around and gush about the free hugs.It contradicts the whole movement,its all about positivity,humanity and being able to express yourself without fear of reproach.

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