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Hugs vs. Drugs

I realized this morning that someone I care about is a hug addict. She needs hugs so badly she is hurting two people by using them for getting her "fix" of hugs. And I realized that like with any addict it is dangerous to get dependent on an addict. The drugs are more important to them than you are. They need the drugs more than they need you. When they are in pain they will turn to the drugs. This person turns to someone else to get hugs, even though she knows how much it hurts me. She doesn't want to hurt me any more than an alcoholic wants to hurt someone who loves him when he is drinking.

But the alcoholic still takes the drink and the hug addict still goes to someone else for more hugs. It isn't just hugs, actually but the hugs represent the physical sign of security and connection that she seeks since she has been alone and afraid all her life. I realized that it is good to love the addict, because that is what they need so desperately, but it is not healthy for you to need them, depend on them or get addicted to them. That would then be classic codependency.

I am a hug addict too. So I decided to start this page.

I'd like people to send in their suggestions on why hugs are better than drugs. For example,

- Hugs are cheaper than drugs.

- No one gets killed for being a hug dealer cuz hug dealers don't exist The hugs are just between the two people who are hugging. There is no middle man. No distribution network.

- Hugs are not illegal or prohibited (except if you are a teacher in a school in some countries, and in certain other cases such as if you are a high school student in some countries, such as the USA.)

- You can't overdose on hugs.

Ok that is all I can think of for now! Send me your suggestions! Here is our feedback page.

Salta, Argentina 2007


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