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A Hug Is The Answer

Here is a copy of a chat I had today with "Melissa."

Melissa: One night I had really bad emotions during the middle of the night and asked my bf for my keys to my car so I could drive it into a tree, i was in tears, and he literally wrapped his arms around me and locked me inside of his arms and said he is not letting go, regardless of how hard i try to break out of his arms

Steve: aw. hug. I'm glad he didn't let you go.

Melssa: thanks

Melissa: How are you dealing with being suicidal day in and out, because I am ready to let go soon, it makes me feel at peace when i think of letting go....

Melissa: you know what I mean? I mean, I am not one to give up, I don't like giving up, but after several years of desperatly trying to build myself back up, and failing, I am exhausted, and have done everyhting in "the book"

Steve: hug
Steve: yeah i think i know what u mean
Steve: im glad ur still alive
Steve: cuz right now it helps to talk to u

Melissa: like it helps just to be able to connect with someone else?

Steve: yeah

Steve: someone that understands a lot of this

Melissa: I want someone to come up with a no bullshit anwser to "what do you do when you've been hospitalized, been on medication, been through thousands of docs, therapists etc and all have not provided me with hope"

Melissa: it bothers me when you hear psychologists say "suicide is a permanent anwser to a temporary solution" but what I'm looking for iis a permanent anwser, it's so difficult that life cannot provide you with solid anwsers - thats where i'm at right now

Steve: aw
Steve: hug
Steve: thats my answer

Melissa: i like hug, thats a good enough anwser for me right now..

So "a hug is the answer" is one of the many, many important things they didn't teach me in school.

S. Hein
June 6, 2011
Sydney, Australia

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