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Freedom, Right to Interesting Education

I saw a sign in an office that listed the goals of their organization. One was "free and compulsory education for all children."

But if the education is "compulsory," can the children be free? They probably mean free financially, but what about real freedom for the children?

My vision is education that is based on voluntary relationships between the teacher and student.

Also, most people will say that all children and teenagers should have a right to education, but I ask this:

Should they have a right to education that is interesting? Or we couuld say, should they have a right to interesting education?

I have asked many students around the world how their day at school was. The most common answer is "boring."

I believe education can, and needs to be, not only interesting but fun and enjoyable.

Podgorica, Montenegro
June 30, 2009

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Google results for a few searches

"right to education" - 968,000

"right to education that is interesting" - 0

"right to interesting education" - 0

Also, I tried these searches

"right to education that is practical" - 0

"right to education that is useul" - 0

"right to education that is relevant" - 2

(This brought up an iinteresting site from "Tapat" in Manila)


By the way, Mel, currently 17, said teenagers should have a right to education, but also a right not to be educated.