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Is Conformity Intelligent?

To me, this is a very interesting and very important question. It came to mind when I was thinking about Dan Goleman and his definition of emotional intelligence. (See a discussion of different definitions of EI)

Readers of my site know that I oppose the mainstream definition of EI and I believe it is too much a measure of conformity. (See this article for example) But this begs the question: Is conformity emotionally intelligent?

I then wondered if conformity is intelligent, in general. So I Googled "Is conformity intelligent". I found only one result.

Let me repeat that.

I found only one result.

What does that suggest to you?

To me it suggests not many people, and definitely not enough, are questioning the status quo. Not enough people are asking the right questions, the most important questions.

For example most people don't ask "What does it mean to be successful" (I won't google that now...) in comparison to how many people want to know how they can BE successful -- according, of course, to the unquestioned socially acceptable and popular, though hard to pin down, definition of success.

S. Hein
June 15, 2011
Sydney, Australia

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