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I haven't ever collected my writing about new age before so I am starting this temporary page....

A letter from a new age parent and my response

Sasha - who had a "new age" type mother

Heidi - who also had a new agey mother


Some of the new age stuff:

Channeling, chakras, aura balancing, aroma therapy, astrology, dream interpretation, massage, angels

One big name in new age is Deepak Chopra. Here is more about him.

Deepak Chopra

I just did a search on Chopra and found his website. Then I saw a link that said "Golf with Deepak". lol.

I thought "Is this for real??" Then I clicked on it and found it was.

I thought he was a big fake before but this confirms it. What a joke. He has scammed thousands of people out of their money with his new age crap. Now to be honest some of his ideas did help me. One thing I can remember is don't get attached to results. That was helpful for me. But overall he is one big fake.

I saw that Wikipedia had a page on him and took a look. They have a section on criticism of him which has links to other sites criticizing him. According to Wikipedia "while frequently admonishing materialism he lives in a 2.5 million dollar home and drives a Jaguar." lol. Let's just say he's a big fake and leave it at that for now.

Well, I went back to see if I could find an Amazon link to someone else I wanted to mention and then saw a page about Chopra from a site called Quackwatch. lol. I'm offline now but I'm sure you can find it easily if you want.

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Bruce Lipton says

"Its not what's wrong with us physically, mentally, emotionally, etc at all, but WHAT WE BELIEVE that keeps us where we are."

But what if I am in jail? lol

And what if I want to use my laptop but there are real things stopping me. Like in Morocco when some drunk man is trying to have a better look at my laptop, pulling it from me, trying to type on it? Or if I am in Sri Lanka and so many mosquitos are biting me I can't type? Or I am out on a long walk in the mountains and it starts to rain and I have no where to get out of the rain? Is it my belief that keeps me in the mountains in the rain? If I changed my beliefs would it stop raining or would I be teleported to a cozy cabin with a fireplace?