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Luke asked me to remove the page on him but I feel sad to take it down totally so I backed it up in a private folder and stripped away most of the contents except for some of my notes and a couple other things.

S. Hein
My notes about Luke

My Notes About Luke

Last night I chatted with Luke. Luke is a 19 year old from _____ who was expelled from high school when he was 14 because of words he said to a vice-principal. The vice principal said that Luke was one of the most disrespectful people he had ever known. So this brings up the question of what actually is respect, where it comes from, how it is earned, lost etc.

I have written about this a lot over the years. Here is a summary of my writing on respect.

Just now, by the way, I was going to put that link in myself, but instead I am going to show Luke how to do it. Luke is working for me now. He has had trouble finding a job because he doesn't have a high school diploma. But for me, that is an asset, not a liability.

-- Later I did help Luke learn how to make that link, and he did, in fact, make it. Then he sent me the updated file so I could upload it.

S. Hein
July 5, 2013

July 6, 2013- Luke has joined acesconnection and he wrote this article


JS's note to me when he read L's first article...

Wow! Steve, Luke is an incredible writer. I can not believe he has been out of school for five years! My goodness what a bright young man. Thank you for sharing, I was writing him at the same time. Hope to stay connected. You must feel so proud that he has the confidence to write and express his feelings to You and others. Very impressive. Great job Steve and LUKE! Jim