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The Path to Ensured Success?

Here is a photo of some large signs above the entrance to a high school in Malaysia.

Is this true?

Or is it propaganda?

Or marketing?

If it is not true, then what? And what do they mean by success? Would this make much sense in a high school in America or Canada? Would a school director there order such signs to be attached to his school building?

This leads one to wonder, why do school directors put up the signs they do around the schools? Who really benefits by them?

How disappointed, and perhaps, misled, or even lied to, an ex-student of this prestigious school might feel one day, if after they have "mastered" English and Malay, they still find themselves unhappy in life, possibly divorced or suffering from arguments and conflicts with their partners, children or teenagers.

I feel so very sad for all the young people around the world who have been lied to, misled and misinformed inside the confines of school fences and walls.

S. Hein
Kangar, Malaysia
April 11, 2012

Photo taken in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

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