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Customer Service in a London Hostel


One day in London I decided to step outside to finish my bowl of cereal. The doors were open to the sidewalk so I just walked out.

I was ordered to come back inside for no obivious reason. The worker obviously had some very large unmet emotional needs to feel powerful and in control which he was trying to help fill by abusiing his power as a bar/hostel staff memeber. I just looked at the worker and went back to eating my cereal. Then he came over and locked the doors behind me!

Here are some pictures I took.

Audio file to go with this

Eating breakfast in the bar.



The door which was closed because I refused to obey the bar employee and go back inside.



My cereal bowl on the dumpster so I could go across the street and take a pic.


Me sitting on the ground outside the bar door which had just been closed.

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