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Letters From the Unloved
The Hidden World of Teen Depression

Letters from the Unloved

This is a book which helps show the link between emotional abuse, self-harm and depression, especially among teenagers. Here is a preview of the book on the Lulu.com site which shows about 50 pages from the book.

You can order this book in paperback from Lulu.com or get a pdf copy by making a donation of any size. We ask for a donation partly so we can get an idea of how many people are downloading the pdf. If you can't make a donation, please contact us and we will be happy to send you one since this way we will still know that you were interested in it.

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I'm a high schooler, young girl, 15 years old, 10th grader. I used to be understanding and kind to adults, but now, I am being cruel and defiant.
I enjoy "annoying" people. My mother called that demented, and now I believe her...please don't make a big fuss out of this email, I'm only saying I need someone to talk to.
I have anger in me that's building up, and am taking it out on my favorite teacher. I feel there is a "mean person" in me whom is jealous of my friendship with this teacher.
That "mean person" already ruined a great friendship with a girl I had, in 5th grade, whom saved me from my sorrows of being alone. It was ruined because of me, all of my fault, and I thought I could depend on her to understand my weirdness. Guess not.

Now I hate her, she's such a jerk.

Help please, yet, if you're busy, I can wait


I wanted to talk to somebody, I am a poor excuse for a person. Finding it very hard to loose weight I always used to be skinny, its disgusting. I hate life, I don't no if anyone will read this or receive this letter ,to be honest I don't really care any more. I wasn't built for this life, I find myself to be a self loather.<---this letter is an example.Stupid Girl I dont deserve help. Jesus christ I hate it.
So I don't know if a robot is going to reply to this, but I don't care. I'm desperate. I need help. I'm a 14 year old suicidal girl, if I were to label myself. I tried telling my parents this, but they seem to make this worse. I hear from others that it's some chemical imbalance, disorder, phase, or something like that.

I've been having suicidal thoughts ever since I was 10 years old. I still remember that vivid day, where I first thought of the idea of killing yourself. I can describe it to you if you want, but I don't want to take up more time that I've already have. So I'm just crossing my fingers, and I don't expect much. Don't take it personally, after all there's a chance you might be a robot anyway. I'm just pessimistic like that. I guess


i'm a teen in need of serious help. Do you have any advice for me? My mother is emotionally abusive to me so bad that in the past I have runaway twice, planned to leave with a friend which failed terribly, have created concoctions that can kill me, and a bunch of other dangerous things.

My school has labled me depressed and autistic because of the way I've been acting at school due to how my mother has treated me at home.The depression is because of her, as is the runaway incidents.

I am very suicidal, and have tried to kill myself before but it failed. None of my friends are willing to help me try to find a way to get out. Very few people believe me when I tell them everything she's done. The few who do have never made any motion to help me except for one person who she blames for everything that I've done and am no longer allowed to contact.

My "family" is no help to me. They all say "she's doing this because she loves you" and all that other stuff that I don't believe. You probably get a lot of teens who ask for help in similar situations but I can say this. CPS did not help. They talked to her, noticed she was a nurse, thought her home was best for me even though I had told them everything she had done.

I do have somewhere I can stay and plan to leave the day before xmas, when she's working.
I am 17, turning 18 in February, but I cannot wait a few more months. I am going insane, literally. If most of my family could see me, they would put me in a mental hospital which my mother wants to do. She has never said it, but she thinks there's something really bad wrong with me and wants me locked up for good. She's already put me in counseling.

My father is no help to me, he lost his home and is getting all kinds of medical treatment probably for aids or something since he is gay, so I cannot ask him for help.

I have tried suicide hotline, but they are also no help. And my school counselor blows me off like I'm not even there or that I'm just complaining about nothing at all.

Please, I need help before I end up killing myself or end up in the metal hospital.