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March 2012 -- Added "How Baik" - a story from Indonesia in 2003 and Uruguay Father from 2006

1996 You Got To Show Folks Some Respect United States A homeless person reminds us everyone needs to feel respected
1996 Are Thoughts and Feelings the Same Thing? United States An example from a group discussion
1997 From Head to Toe United States A mother thinks she understands her daughter, but the daughter doesn't feel understood
1997 How Good It Feels United States About how good it feels to feel understood
1997 Making Money with Psychology Degrees United States A university professor tells students how to make more money.
1999 JW United States About a child in a pre-school who felt understood by me, then afraid of his teacher
2001 Laura and the Silverware Quebec Trusting a 15 month old gets positive results
2002 You Need to Understand United States Getting stopped from boarding an airplane
2002 The Washing Up Australia Solving a conflict by helping a daughter feel understood
2002 It Doesn't Matter Australia A father disregards his daughter's feelings
2003 That Shouldn't Matter Australia A mother drains her daughter's energy
2003 Heaps of Fun Australia  
2003 Conversation with a psychology student Australia Young woman getting a masters degree in psychology to make more money
2003 Chemical Imbalance? Australia Psychologist tells teen that he is ok, but if anyone has a chemical imbalance it is his father.
2003 Budi Indonesia An intelligent homeless boy
2003 How Baik Indonesia Asking "How baik from 0-10?" invites more emotional sharing.
2004 Don't Think So Much Thailand Being told not to think so much or look so serious
2004 Mario Columbia The English teacher said Mario is a troublemaker....
2004 Mejor Agua Fria Peru How not so show understanding
2004 Listening to Manuel Peru An example of using the 0-10 scale during an argument
2005 Arturo Peru An intelligent boy whose mother underestimated him
2005 Love and the Legal System Peru Does it matter to immigration officials how much you are in love?
2006 After-School Fight Argentina Acting impulsively to stop a fight.
2006 Uruguay Father Uruguay A Father Who Cared But Didn't Listen
2008 Maybe It Isn't That Bad Bulgaria  
2012 15 Days Thailand Visa Law if you enter by land or boat
2015 No Idea Uruguay,
Once I was talking to a retired police officer in Uruguay. I asked him why he thought people used drugs. He said, "No tengo ningun idea."
This means "I have no idea.s"

Today I am talking to someone who has worked in a juvenile prison as a guard. I asked her the same question. She gave me the exact same answer.





Nov 18

- Added 1997 story from the USA about how to make money with psychology degrees

- Added 2003 story about counseling/psychology student from Australia

- Added 2005 story from Peru about love and the legal system



1995 Gretchen United States "I feel worse after I talk to you."
1995 That Many United States Someone telling me I don't have "that many" books