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First Email

Aug 14, 2009

Hello, i have been reading your page on Emotionally abusive mothers for a while now and decided to talk to you about it. I know what my mom does is not right and i know our relationship is not normal, i just don't know what it's categorized as. Heres a list of junk she does (on a regular basis)

1. I cant talk to her about anything. If i come to her with a serious question she assumes that i'm involved in whatever i asked her and yells at me. She intimidates me from asking any questions because the outcome will be her judging me.

2. My grandma lives with us and my mom ignores her. She's incredibly rude to her and never talks to her. Everytime my grandma opens her mouth, my mom rolls her eyes and mocks her. My grandma doesn't drive and my mom thinks it's funny to drive past her and not offer her a ride. She tried to give her the best possible life and my mom repays with the things she does to her.

3. She thinks she knows EVERYTHING. If anyone corrects her, she'll go out of her way to prove that person wrong just to make herself feel better. If she's actually wrong she'll pout and pout all day about it.

4. She fights dirty. Holds grudges and makes assumptions. You do something wrong once, it sticks with you forever.

5. We got into an arguement one time and she was 3 inches away from my face screaming at me (like all arguments). She walks away, turns around without notice and slaps me across the face. I said absolutely nothing to her and i leave the room to my room. An hour later she comes back in screaming about the same thing accusing me of aggravating her.

6. She has invaded my personal space before (reading my journals) and never apologized. In fact, she never apologizes for anything.

7. She's rude to EVERYONE, waitresses, my friends, cashiers... Everyone. Its embarrassing. She is fake, she puts on an act in front of everyone.

8. If she's in a bad mood, EVERYONE else suffers. She will make your life miserable because she thinks hers is.

9. If i do something wrong she gets so mad at me, for example failing a test. She'd scream for hours, but if i get 100 she'll also be mad and say YOU BETTER DO THAT GOOD NEXT TIME. Every time she gets a letter from school or a teacher email, she assumes the worst and gets mad before she even opens the letter.

10. My grandma told me that when i was a kid, she'd yell at me even though i couldn't even talk back. I was apparently the worst child in the history of children and i remember being afraid to tell her things or show her things. Every time i'd get a present from a friend or something she'd assume i stole it from that person and make me give it back. To this day, i never show her anything someone gives me because she gets mad at me. I used to hide simple things like a picture my friend gave me of a pop star and a little roll of lifesavers because i thought if she found it, she'd freak.

11. She gets mad at me for stupid things. I can steal from her purse (not saying i did, just using it as an example) and she wont get mad. But if i put a glass cup in the plastic cup section, she'd blow her cover.

12. My dad is so whipped that whenever he's around her, he complies with everything she says and never questions it. My grandma said when they first got married they fought a lot because he couldn't deal with it, but he learned to accept it and not question anything.

13. If i ask to do anything outside the house she'll say she's busy and get angry about it, but sit on her butt all day. She got mad at the law for allowing 15 year olds to get their drivers permits.

14. She does NOT know how to talk. Only scream. No civilized conversations with her, always yelling. If you say something she doesn't like, yelling.

15. She used to make me lie to doctors about if i had certain symptoms for some reason. She never took me to the doctor or the dentist until i was either bleeding or have something sticking out of me. I begged her to take me to the dentist because i was in so much pain, after 3 days of convincing she took me only to find out that i needed two emergency root canals. She got mad at me for not taking care of my teeth well enough. I haven't been to a doctor in 6 years other than your common strep throat emergency room visit.

16. She got mad at me for saying the word stupid when i was a kid when at the same time, she would scream all the colorful words of the rainbow in my face at me.

17. She constantly criticizes me and my friends. She's the most judgmental person i've ever met. If i like something she doesn't, i get teased for it. She even makes fun of my friends for things they like.

That's just a few... I can go on forever with this stuff.
Thanks for reading, please tell me anything you can about whats wrong with her, lol. Please email me back.


Things her mom assumes she is doing

She assumes i'm having sex, doing drugs, and stealing.
If i have something new, she'll assume i stole it.
If i ask to drive with one of my friends, she'll think im having sex with that person in the car.

My mom searches through my stuff all the time. I keep it messy so she doesn't come in. She's incredibly stupid because she doesn't put things back where she found them, she just kinda leaves them wherever.