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I recommend you read the writing of all the following authors. They have each contributed to my own ideas and personal growth S. Hein


John Bradshaw

Nathaniel Branden

Leo Buscaglia

Dale Carnegie

Stephen Covey

Frederick Douglas

Wayne Dyer

Erich Fromm

Haim Ginott

Thomas Gordon

John Gottman

Napoleon Hill

John Taylor Gotto

Hermann Hesse

John Holt

Aldus Huxley

Arthur Janov

Alfie Kohn

Abraham Maslow

Alice Miller

Maria Montessori

Robert Myrick

A.S. Neil

Earl Nightingale One link - YouTube has some things by him, like Strangest Secret - Motivation

Scott Nearing

George Orwell

Norman Vincent Peale

Pamela Sackett

Norma Spurlock

Henry David Thoreau

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