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Bullshit Detector Watch


Originally I wrote that I loved the idea of the BS detector watch. But now I don't love it any more. I still like it but I'm not in love any more. I wrote to the guy and he didn't write me back. So yukfoo.

Below is what I wrote originally. I just deactivated the link.Sorry. I feel defensive now and guilty. But this site is mosty for my unmet emotional needs so I will do what I want here or what I need to do. And I don't want to give him a link anymore. He didn't help with any of my uen's. He didn't acknowledge me, appreciate me, value me, help me - nothing. Coming from America I am fucked up. I have a lot of unmet emotional needs. You will never know how much I have suffered or how much pain I am still in. I am positive you will never know. Only my partner who has lived with me for two years now has any real idea. And maybe x who found my website along time ago and has been reading it for years. I feel pretty understood by him. Anyhow here is what I wrote originally.

I love this...



Discreetly push the button and let the Universal Bullshit Detector Watch speak your mind.

When asked, "What's that sound?" Just say, "Oh, sorry, that's my bullshit detector."



This page is dedicated to one of my favorite teenagers and one of my best teachers. She knows who she is. I used to tell her she had a good built in bullshit detector. She could really spot it. Even at a very early age. But it is also dedicated to all the smart, emotionally intelligent teenagers who see through all the bullshit. I wish them all freedom one day.


Here are a few words and terms which make my bswatch go off

"Best Practice" "Liase" "Partner" (when used as a verb), Experts

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Things that make my BS watch go off.. this will probably become a very long list....

- the website "sounds true" - cuz their 33 percent off sounded like bullshit to me.

like You are the 1,000,000 visitor

why don't we just immediately kill people who do that shit? and people who fall for it?

what sensitive intelligent person would voluntarily, knowingly want to be part of this pack of idiots called humans?