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On this page I am starting to collect info on people who call themselves "experts" in the area of emotional intelligence and who are being called "experts" by others. I am including people who are making money from the term EI by providing consulting services, getting paid as speakers, writing books etc. as I come across them while surfing. On the first edition of this page, my opening question was:

Who are the "experts" in the field of emotional intelligence, and who decided they were "experts"?

This page pretty much speaks for itself and doesn't need much more introduction, but please be sure to also visit this link on who I call some of the prime "fakes" in the field of emotional intelligence. By the way, I do not mean to imply that everyone on this page is a fake. I just want to show you what is going on and you can judge for yourselves. If you are looking for a consultant, this page might help you. I'd be interested to get feedback on the actual value which people listed here have provided and on their level of integrity etc. If someone seems to be doing a good job of representing what emotional intelligence is and isn't, and isn't just trying to make money from the concept, I'd like to know about them.


May 25, 2005
Chocote, Peru

May 20, 2006 Update

- Pictures of MHS employees were removed after I got a threatening letter from an MHS lawyer.

- Google's cache of cgrowth.com pages

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Here are copies of the promotional biographies of the people on the cgrowth.com EQ symposium speakers page as of April 2005.

I have copied them onto my site so they won't get lost. Three of them are called "pioneers". (Reuven BarOn, Kate Cannon and Rich Handley) For example, it says "Kate Cannon, M. Ed., is considered one of the 'pioneers of emotional intelligence development'".

I am not sure who considers her to be a pioneer in EI development besides the people who are promoting her as a speaker and consultant. I think her status as a "pioneer" is probably mainly due to just her own self-promotion. Or it might be more accurate to say her current fame was based more on the fact that she and the company she used to work for, American Express, got a lot of publicity for doing work that was supposedly raising the emotional intelligence of its sales force in the years shortly after Goleman became popular. And I'd say she is now being called a "pioneer" because this makes her sound more impressive. So this way, the people at cgrowth, who are evidently consultants themselves, can charge more money for their conferences and services. I suppose someone will start calling cgrowth a "pioneer" in emotional development, too, some day, just because they paid all these so-called experts to come promote themselves at a conference allegedly about emotional intelligence.

And on the cgrowth.com page, Reuven Bar-On is still credited with "coining the term EQ" even though there is absolutely no evidence anywhere that he did this except what Reuven himself has been spreading around.

Then it says "Dr. Steven Stein is a psychologist and CEO of a large Canadian psychological test publishing company." Why don't they just say MHS?! That is the company! It is the company that made a lot of money off of Reuven's "EQi" test for a few years while the Mayer/Salovey/Caruso tests were supposedly still being validated or something by the people at MHS. Now MHS is selling both Reuven's test and Jack/Peter/David's. I would say that Steve Stein, who people sometimes confuse me for unfortunately, lacks a bit of integrity. I would say he seems to be more motivated by making money than helping people or making the world a better place. I am really getting sick of all these people making money by misusing the term "emotional intelligence."

S. Hein
April 19, 2005



Okay so here is a copy of the promotional page as of April, 2005 from the cgrowth.com site:


Kevin Asbj÷rnson, MIM

Kevin Asbj÷rnson, MIM is an executive educator, international keynote inspirational speaker, master facilitator, Yamaha« Artist, composer, contemporary pianist, and founder and principal recording artist of PianoOne. Kevin has 15 years of international business and strategic marketing experience in a number of industries with multinational companies including American Express and Tandem Computers. Kevin earned a Master of International Management (M.I.M.) from Thunderbird - the American Graduate School of International Management; a Diploma of European Economic and Political Studies from the University of Vienna, Austria; and a B.A., cum laude, in International Relations and Business Administration from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. He has presented Artistry of Leadership – Creating Meaningful Connections« for many preeminent organizations including Xerox, NASA, the Federal Executive Institute, the Center for Creative Leadership and the Banff Centre

Reuven BarOn, Ph.D.

Reuven BarOn is a pioneer and internationally acknowledged expert in emotional intelligence. He has been involved in defining, measuring and applying this concept since 1980. He coined the term "EQ" and created the EQ-i«, which is the first and most popular measure of emotional intelligence to be published. He co-edited the Handbook of Emotional Intelligence in 2000. His work has been described in encyclopedias, books and articles. Dr. BarOn currently holds a research position at the University of Texas Medical Branch and is affiliated with the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) and with the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations.

Geetu Bharwaney (Orme)

Geetu is Founder and Managing Director of Ei World Limited, one of Europe's thought leaders in emotional intelligence in business.. She is leading a number of Emotional Intelligence interventions, which integrate executive coaching, research, program delivery, writing and keynote speaking on emotional intelligence. Her work in emotional intelligence is focused on understanding the 'inner' leader. Over the last 5 years, she has assessed the emotional intelligence of approximately 4000 people in a variety of organizations.

Lea Brovedani

Lea is a national trainer who has a passion and dedication for providing training, consulting and assessment tools in the field of Emotional Intelligence. She has collaborated and worked with other experts in the field of EI. She  was chair of the successful international HRANS/Nova- Nexus Conference on emotional intelligence and human resources held in  Halifax in May 2003.  

Kate Cannon, M. Ed.

Kate Cannon, M. Ed., is considered one of the pioneers of emotional intelligence development. She was responsible for developing the successful EI training program at American Express, which has been featured in several books and articles on emotional intelligence, and is certified by the EI Consortium as a Model Program. In 1999 she started her own training and consulting business to help individuals and organizations achieve their goals by leveraging the power of emotion.

Cary Cherniss, Ph.D.

Dr. Cary Cherniss is Professor of Applied Psychology and Director of the Organizational Psychology Program at Rutgers University's Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology. Cary is the Co-Chairman of the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations (CREIO), and editor (with Daniel Goleman) of The Emotionally Intelligent Workplace. Cary specializes in the areas of emotional intelligence, work stress, management training and development, planned organizational change, and career development.

Deanna Coffin

Deanna is HR Manager of Leadership Development and Diversity for American Express Service Center Ft. Lauderdale. She has over 15 years experience in leadership and organizational development and has been using the Bar-On EQi for four years with the Sr. leadership teams in the Operating Center. Deanna was instrumental in influencing American Express sister Centers to adopt the Bar-On EQi« as an effective leadership tool and has designed programs and exercises to develop leadership skills in the 15 sub-scale areas of the instrument.

  David Cory, M.A.

David Cory, B.Ed., M.A. (Adult Education), Past President of the Vancouver Chapter of the International Society for Performance Improvement, is a leadership development specialist who has designed and delivered leadership development programs and coached executives using the EQ-i(r) and EQ-360(r)into such client companies in North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the Caribbeanas AT&T, Allstate Insurance, Philips Electronics, and Johnson & Johnson.

Brent Darnell

Brent has a wide variety of experience in several different fields including construction, environmental, quality, teaching and entertainment, holding a wide variety of positions including Project Manager, Quality Manager, Environmental Manager and professional Actor and Playwright. He graduated from Georgia Tech with a Mechanical Engineering degree and has also been a professional actor and writer. Perhaps you have watched one of his plays or seen him on the television series "In the Heat of the Night".

Photo removed at the "request" of MHS Diana Durek

Diana has been working for MHS in the area of Emotional Intelligence for 5 years. Prior to joining MHS, she held clinical and research positions as a mental health professional, providing a variety of services to children and adults.

Robert Emmerling, Psy.D.

Dr. Robert Emmerling is a leading expert in the assessment and development of emotional intelligence in the workplace, and has spent his career as a consultant, researcher and lecturer specializing in this area. Since 1997 he has been working on the cutting-edge of EI-based assessment and training with premier thought leaders in the field, such as Daniel Goleman and Cary Cherniss. Learn More

Joshua Freedman

Joshua Freedman is a leading expert on improving performance by raising emotional intelligence. As Director of Six Seconds' Institute for Organizational Performance and Chair of the International NexusEQ Conferences, he leads a range of cutting-edge EQ projects. He co-developed Six Seconds' EQ Certification Training which he has delivered to professionals on five continents, and co-authored four books on developing EQ. Joshua is an inspiring teacher, an effective change agent, and a wise ally to leaders.

Carina Fiedeldey-Van Dijk, Ph.D.

Carina, president of ePsy Consultancy, researches and consults on the intricate dynamics that drive performance. She uses, develops and validates psychometric and job performance measures of employees to optimize desirable functioning in the workplace and elsewhere. Blending numerical and conceptual insights, she empirically shows how performance, satisfaction and the bottom line can come full circle. Carina is the author of the Advanced Interpretation Report (AIR) of the EQ-i. Learn more...

(Note --I think these people are supposed to all be listed alphabetically, but Carina was listed after Josh, so that is the way I coped it here!)

Rich Handley , Ph.D.

Dr. Rich Handley is a pioneer in bringing emotional intelligence to the workplace and in corporate applications of emotional intelligence. He is a leading business strategist in leveraged, high-performance human capital solutions using the power of emotional intelligence to optimize individual and organizational performance. He is the co-author of the book, Optimizing People, the EQ 360 Assessment, the EQ Interview, the Behavioral Health Survey, and the Benchmark for Organizational Emotional Intelligence.

Pat Harmon, M.B.A., Ph.D.

Pat is the Principal of Applied Creative Thinking and is a creative thinking consultant, facilitator and executive coach. She has designed and conducted advanced thinking workshops for organizations such as Estee Lauder, J. P. Morgan Chase, Merck & Co., and the New York Times. She also facilitates an Executive Leadership and Development process that includes a measure of emotional intelligence, the EQ-i«, as a success factor in business.

Marcia Hughes, J.D., M.A.

Marcia Hughes, J.D., M.A., President of Collaborative Growth, L.L.C., offers keynotes, consulting, workshops, leadership development and team building all of which are focused on providing organizations with strategic behavior alignment by bringing their values, intentions, and behaviors in sync.. Marcia is a member of the National Speaker's Association and is author of The 2% Solution Workbook and co-author of The Emotional Intelligence Coaching and Training Workbook, which is in publication.

Ernie Lopez

Ernie Lopez has worked with many organizations including Continental Airlines, Mexicana Airlines, American Express, and Coors Brewing Company. He is a professional organization development/training manager with a practical and an academic background in the design and implementation of company programs focusing on goal & people oriented management. In his current position as an internal organizational effectiveness consultant for Kaiser Permanente, Mr. Lopez specializes in leadership and team development. He recently designed and implemented the company's management development program for mid-level managers.

Peter Papadogiannis, Ph.D.
Dr. Papadogiannis received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Sport Psychology from San Diego University. He is currently a Research Associate at Multi Health Systems, where he consults on research projects focused on emotional intelligence and leadership.

Dr. Papadogiannis is published and teaches in the areas of sport performance enhancement, clinical psychology, leadership, and team cohesion. He is currently an adjunct faculty member of psychology at York University and Bronte College.

Joanne Robinson
Joanne Robinson is a consultant with the Ontario Principals' Council and responsible for the Centre for Leadership. She was a President of OPC serving her term from July 1, 1999 through to June 30, 2000. Joanne has continued her work as a staff member, developing and implementing the Principals' Qualification Program and Supervisory Officers Qualification Program, legislated requirements in the province of Ontario.

Margareta Sjolund, Ph.D.
Margareta Sj÷lund,Ph.D is a licensed psychologist and the founder of Kandidata Online Search. Kandidata is a Human Resource Consulting firm specialized in assessment and training serving the Scandinavian Market. Kandidata customizes emotional intelligence programs for corporate clients and facilitates EQ-i certification workshops in Sweden and Finland.

Photo of Stein removed at the "request" of MHS, the "large Canadian psychological test publishing company" where he is CEO.

Steven Stein, Ph.D.
Dr. Steven Stein is a psychologist and CEO of a large Canadian psychological test publishing company. He is also co-author, with Howard E. Book, of the best-selling book, The EQ Edge: Emotional Intelligence and Your Success. Dr. Stein is an expert on psychological assessment and consultant to Canadian Forces, special units of the Pentagon, athletic teams, and NATO headquarters in Brussels.

James Terrell
James is Vice President of Collaborative Growth, L.L.C., where he shares his interpersonal communication expertise with a variety of clients in the public and private sector, helping them to anticipate change and respond to it elegantly. He provides coaching in emotional effectiveness for individuals, teams in transition, and senior management, using the Bar-On EQi« among other measures. James is the co-author of The Emotional Intelligence Coaching and Training Workbook, which is in production.

Margaret Turner
Margaret Turner is an Organization Effectiveness Consultant with Kaiser Permanente. As an Organizational Consultant, she has successfully assisted organizations to increase profits by helping employees link their actions to business imperatives. Margaret has developed processes and programs that have enhanced leadership learning and organizational effectiveness. She is certified in the MBTI, FIRO-B, BarOn EQI, Career Architect, and the Hay Group 360 Process. She has her Master's Degree in Organizational Management.

Chuck Wolfe
Chuck is president of Charles J. Wolfe Associates, a U.S. management consulting firm. The firm provides keynote speaking, consulting & training programs. Areas of expertise include applying emotional intelligence to leadership development, executive coaching, team building, change management, performance management and organizational development.


More about the cgrowth. com site

This is from the promotional description of the president of the business, Marcia Hughes:

Ms. Hughes is President of Collaborative Growth, L.L.C., and serves as a strategic communications partner for organizations.

I am really tempted to write her and ask if she could please explain just what she means by "strategic communications partner for organizations". I guess I have been out of the American business and buzzword world for too long! But seriously, I said to myself, "These people have really gone over the top." In other words, the American business types have gotten so much into impressive sounding jargon that they don't even realize what they are saying makes no sense, at least not to anyone who isn't part of their group of friends and business associates.

It also says she offers "emotional intelligence training and coaching and is a certified trainer in using the EQi«."

Now notice how they put the little r with the circle around it to show that EQi is a copyrighted name! I had to laugh at this. Either Reuven is so possessive about his test, and so insecure, that he probably threatened to sue anyone who doesn't use the copyright sign, or maybe since Marcia has a law degree she wants to follow all the legal rules and she is afraid of getting sued if she doesn't. Who knows. But to me it is really getting laughable what is happening in the USA.

Anyhow, as we see, Marcia says she is a "certified trainer in using the EQi" Oops, I forgot the little r with the circle around it. So sue me! lol. Anyhow, who "certified" her? This reminds me of the so called EI workshop that I went to which Chuck Wolfe and David Caruso put on. They are, if I am not mistaken, giving people "certificates" which say something like they have gone to the EI workshop. I don't know if they are saying the people who sat around in the hotel meeting room with them for a few days are "certified" EI consultants or trainers or something, but they could be. I am pretty sure they gave me some certificate but I think it is in Canada, or I threw it away. But I can't remember for sure. My point is that these certifications mean next to nothing.

Basically these consultants spend a lot of money to go to some expensive hotel room somewhere and sit around and usually just listen and sometimes talk a bit. They have coffee, tea and pastries brought into them on big platters by hotel employees who they don't talk to, in other words who they don't treat as humans since they are just serving food. Or they have ice water and soft drinks or juice with little sandwhiches cut into tiny slices. I am not sure why they cut the slices so small. But they always seem to do this. When I am hungry, which is usually, I can eat about 15 of the little slices!

Anyhow, basically here is what happened with the whole Bar-On EQi thing.

Reuven designed some kind of little psychology test as a graduate student somewhere in South Africa. Then when he saw the terms EQ and emotional intelligence getting popular he started telling people that he was the first one to have "coined" the term EQ. Jack Mayer tried to verify this and ran into a dead end. The best Jack could come up with was that Reuven claims he used the term EQ on a draft of his thesis. But that draft was later changed and the final thesis did not use the term EQ. Evidently I have not done a good job of informing the public about this so I guess I will start a Reuven Bar-On page tonight. I talked about this a few years ago but haven't really stressed it on my site. I guess it is time to. Better late than never I suppose.

From ad

Dare to go: Interpreting beyond highs and lows with the Advanced Interpretation Report (AIR)

This session will explore two work scenarios: personal development/leadership, and optimal team functioning. An EQ profile of Joe Special will be used by way of illustration – Joe, because he represents any person, and Special, because he is unique. Advanced interpretation will take Joe's profile a notch further, because …

Joe is considered for a managerial position. Top performers are rewarded with a leadership programme, including assessment. Joe is strongest in managing business towards tangible output, while his leadership skills are hampered by interpersonal challenges.

Later, Joe has been appointed as manager. Team strengths (profiled highs) that Joe can lean on are the group’s ability to cope under pressure and their independence, although he will need to carefully manage interpersonal relationships (lows). How? Joe needs to capitalize on the dynamic interplay between the EQ competencies of his team during interaction. He can use the strongest links between competencies as gateways to effectively deal with challenges. Join us where we dare to go, and walk away with affirmed passion and new knowledge on how we can give our customers the most out of their assessment results.

Join world-class facilitators in a powerful collaboration. Test coauthor and business-EI expert Dr. David Caruso is joined by Joshua Freedman, a world leader in practical approaches to train and develop emotional intelligence. This dynamic duo will share cutting-edge science, best-practices in training, and their wealth of practical experience in an exciting, enjoyable, and effective program.



.............................. Anabel Jensen

A pioneer in emotional intelligence education, Dr. Anabel Jensen is a compassionate, wise, and inspiring mentor, speaker, and consultant.


Lea Brovedani

Copied from her website sagacityeq.com

Lea Brovedani is a national trainer who has a passion and dedication for providing training, consulting and assessment tools in the field of Emotional Intelligence. She has collaborated and worked with other experts in the field of EI. She was chair of the successful international HRANS/Nova- Nexus Conference on emotional intelligence and human resources held in  Halifax in May  2003. 

Work is in line with the BEST PRACTICE guidelines suggested by the Ei Consortium.  


Question: Who are the "experts" she has worked with?



One person adds that she was the chair of a "successful international" international meeting about EI.


I'd say these people are good at networking. Planning. Delegating. Managing. Organizing their time. But is all of this going to make the world a more safe place? Is it going to reduce teen suicide? Stop terrorism? Are these people really helping the world much? Are they going to lead us in a new direction? Do we want to put more money into their pockets or put it somewhere else where it might do more good for humanity?

Terms of Use:

From the little pop up box on this page



If you use a trainer, consultant, or speaker from this listing, PLEASE tell them you found them on 6seconds.org. This will allow us to honor the agreement between Six Seconds and the Associates.

With the exception of those who work for the organization, Associates listed on this directory are not endorsed by Six Seconds and we do not guarantee their work.

However, all Associates listed here follow the Six Seconds' Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you have an issue with the work you receive from an Associate, we would

appreciate hearing about it, and you and the Associate will be responsible for resolving it.

Please also tell us how well your needs were met by the Associate.

About me:

I am an EQ coach and facilitator who is licensed and certified with the BarOn EQ-iTM (Emotional Quotient - Inventory)TM, the world's only scientifically, statistically and cross culturally validated measurement of emotional intelligence. I believe that by assessing, developing and discovering our emotional intelligence, we are able to live a life with more grace and presence to enjoy the fruits of a life well lived.



How he defines EI

Emotional intelligence is your ability to acquire and apply knowledge from your emotions and the emotions of others in order to be more successful and lead a more fulfilling life.

How he promotes himself.


Need a magnetic speaker who delivers new and practical information on how to eliminate frustration and improve performance in your work life? Byron's Keynote Talks will make your event a smashing success.

Some amusing video clips showing what a "dynamic" speaker he is. And how he uses Goleman's corporate definition of EI to make money selling consulting services to businesses.



The cgrowth.com pages

I just discovered that the cgrowh page I got this info from is not on the cgrowth site anymore. The link used to be cgrowth.com/eqs.html

But here are two pages from google's cache just in case anyone things I made all of this up.



S. Hein

May 20, 2006


Diana Durek

Here is something I found about Diana. And it has her picture, too, if you want to see what she looks like -- since MHS doesn't want me to show you pictures of their employees on my site. Notice how she is called an "expert". I am not sure who decided she was an expert. She wasn't an "expert" when the other page at cgrowh.com was created. Notice also how they use one of Dan Goleman's favorite terms "star performer".

Diana is an expert in the area of emotional intelligence and its bottom-line impact on selection, development, and leadership initiatives in organizations across a wide range of industries. During her 6 years with MHS, a leading global psychological test publisher, she has worked closely with organizations to develop star performer systems powered by an emotional intelligence framework.

This is from: humancapitalinstitute.org/hci/tracks_emotional_intelligence.guid;jsessionid=4A6ABF8754B8A5012CCF44618FABDE83?_currentTab=_advisorsTab

Here is google's cache of that page


Something else I found: (from


This complimentary event will be accompanied by a brief seminar entitled Return on Emotion – EQ-i, The Next Frontier, and a networking session. This is an exciting opportunity to learn about the cutting–edge Star Performer methodology for deter-mining key aspects of your top talent. It will allow you to identify, select, and train based, on these factors and build a power-ful business case for EQ-i/Return on Emotion.

The seminar will be presented by Diana Durek, Manager at MHS, Canada’s largest psychological test publishing company.Diana specializes in the area of emotional intelligence and its bottom-line impact on selection, development, and leadership ini-tiatives in organizations. During the past 5 years, Diana has worked with public and private sector organizations like AmericanExpress, Dollar Thrifty, and Kaiser Permanente, helping them increase revenue and save money by predicting and improving performance.


Something else interesting I found:

This is from siop.org/Conferences/06Con/Program/friday_pm.htm


79. Symposium: Friday, 3:30–5:20 Houston B (3rd floor-CC)

The Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Leadership and Workplace Performance

The purpose of the symposium is to expose the audience to both the Mayer-Salovey and Bar-On approaches to assessing emotionally intelligent behavior. The symposium will examine the use and application of the MSCEIT (Mayer-Salovey approach) and the BarOn EQ-i (BarOn approach) in the areas of leadership and workplace performance.

Peter Papadogiannis, Multi-Health Systems, Inc., Chair

Steven J. Stein, Multi-Health Systems, Inc., Gill Sitarenios, Multi-Health Systems, Inc., Relationship of Emotional Intelligence Test Scores To Performance of Wireless Telephone Sales Specialists in a National Electronics Chain

Stephane Cote, University of Toronto, Paulo N. Lopes, Yale University, Peter Salovey, Yale University, Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Emergence

Suzanne M. Miklos, O.E. Strategies, Inc., Thomas P. Sawyer, Elmhurst College, Mona A. Stronsick, Progressive Insurance, Emotional Intelligence: A Unique Contribution Over Cognitive Ability and Personality in Predicting Job Satisfaction and Performance

Peter Papadogiannis, Multi-Health Systems, Inc., Stephen Gallant, Multi Health Systems, Inc., Diana Durek, Multi-Health Systems, Inc., Emotional Intelligence and Leader Performance

Submitted by Steven J. Stein, ceo @ mhs.com