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Caring and Suicide


Here is a poem which sadly shows us the life and death importance of feeling cared about.

"Sometimes you need to run away just to see who will follow"

I run through the woods as fast as I can, thinking I hear footsteps behind
Trying to think of a plan, thoughts burning through my mind
I can end it all with one swift movement of the knife
Knowing no one will care if I lose my broken life
There's no one left now that you dont care
I feel like my life is useless and something I shouldn't spare
The footsteps still follow as these thoughts occur to me
Never losing focus I run faster while trying to flee
I run this way for hours without end, not knowing what i'm searching for
The footsteps still following as they were before
On the 3rd hour I stop, too tired to go on
And as I stop I start to realize the footsteps are gone
I look back to see if there was anyone ever there
But no one was following, they don't really care
This was the first time I ran away but it's becoming clear to me
People who aren't cared about shouldn't really be
So I take out my knife, checking one last time that no one followed to make sure I was ok
You could've saved my life, but I know you don't care anyway


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