People I Have Criticized Publicly,
and the Google Ranking of My Pages on Them

I've been wondering what Rob Emmerling's real motives are in trying to discredit me. I originally thought that it was just because I was criticizing his boss, Dan Goleman, so much. But then I typed in the name "Rob Emmerling" on Google and found that first on the list was one of my pages that mentioned him and made him look a little bad, even before I found out he had started a smear campaign against me, at which time it might be fair to say I really began to hate him.

Then the other day I came across the name Maurice Elias again. I remembered that a couple years ago I wrote a pretty critical review of him. I typed his name into Google and found that my criticism of him was number one on the list of results. Then I read my criticism of him again just yesterday and saw that he has ties to Rutgers, where Rob was working for the so-called EI Consortium. Maurice is also a member of the EI Consortium, and even a "founding member" I am pretty sure. So it would be fair to say the two have probably talked about me. And we might guess they haven't been talking about how much they like me and want to see my site become more popular!

So anyhow, I started this little table to list the people who I have criticized pretty harshly and who are said to be part of the "field" of emotional intelligence, or even experts in it, according to people like them and people who don't know any better. BTW, I am looking within only the top ten results. Click on a name below to try the search yourself.

By the way, I don't just criticize people. There are a lot of people whose work I admire. Here is a partial list.

S. Hein
April 23, 2005

Name, Google Ranking My Page on
each person
Ranking of my
page on them as
of April 23, 2005
As of
April 29, 2005
March 16,
Apr 3,
Reuven BarOn BarOn Not found * Number 3 2 2
Heather Drummond Drummond Number 1 Number 1 1 1
Maurice Elias Elias Number 1 Number 1 1 1
Rob Emmerling Emmerling Number 1 Number 1 1 1
Robert Emmerling Emmerling Number 2 Number 2 2 2
Dan Goleman Goleman Number 1 Number 1 1 1
Daniel Goleman Goleman Number 2 Number 2 3 2
Steven Stein Stein     75 approx. 4

I also found this...

EI Consortium EI Cons Number 2 Number 2 2 2


* My critical review page of Reuven BarOn was not showing up yet because I had just created it a few days earlier.


People Whose Work I Admire

Name Ranking of my
page on them as
of May 4, 2005
Nathaniel Branden Number 6
Thomas Gordon Number 1
Jack Mayer Number 1
John D. Mayer Number 1
John Gottman Number 2
Alice Miller Number 4
Norma Spurlock Number 1