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Threatened by Understanding

After 9/11 I wrote an article that said I understand why the people, called by many "the terrorists", would want to blow up buildings.

Recently I wondered if the American government has made it illegal to say "I understand." Would this make them think that because someone understands, they support this type of killing and destruction, and maybe they feel compassionate or empathetic - which would be too close to feeling supportive perhaps?

Is understanding therefore illegal?

I believe understanding is actually very threatening to many people in the US system.

Understanding is probably threatening to many pepole in a lot of systems. That is why many people don't like the question "Why?" They feel threatened by it because they don't have good answers, or what I call "intelligent answers." They also don't like the search for truth. The truth scares them. And people who search for the truth, therefore, also scare them.

S. Hein
Nov 18, 2011
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

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