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We the people must make killing, death, destruction, punishment and revenge unpopular so we can elect wiser and more peaceful politicians.- S. Hein



Questions Worth Asking

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Questions Worth Asking

1. Why Does bin Laden Have So Many Supporters?

To give you some idea of how few people are asking the right questions and seeking to understand, when I did this search "Why does bin laden have so many supporters" Google told me there were no results. Same if you try Osama bin Laden

Let me repeat that: NO RESULTS

Please think about what that suggests.

2. "Why does bin Laden hate America?"

Encouragingly, more people are asking this question.

But what is disturbing to me is that of the top 10 results, none of them were from what could in any way be called mainstream media. None of them were from US Government sites. One might think the government would be very interested in this question, do a lot of research into it and publish their findings....

Then again, I am not sure I would trust the government's report. In fact, on a scale of 0-10 I would probably trust it about 2.

Nov 2011 Note - I recently wrote this article about how the USA feels threatened by understanding.

Personal Note from Steve

I wish the US government would have told me something close to the truth about what is happening between Israel and Palestine when I was young. We were always taught to support Israel, and taught that the Palestine Liberation Organization, PLO, was a very bad thing. But we were never told the other side of the story.

In watching the series of videos called One Day in September, which documents the 1972 Munich Olympics bloodshed I became more convinced that instead of killing people, we need to listen to them and understand them. One of the "terrorists" later said he was proud of what he did because "it helped the Palestinian cause enormously … before Munich, the world had no idea about our struggle, but on that day, the name of Palestine was repeated all around the world."

Sadly, I have to say that there is a lot of truth in what he said. I didn't know about what he calls the Palestinian cause. I didn't know how the Israelis have been treating the Palestinians.

There is another documentary on YouTube worth watching. In fact, I believe it would be time much better spent watching it in schools in the USA than time spent on algebra, for example, something I have never once used once I left school. The documentary is called "Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land." It gives examples of how the Western media is biased in its reporting of the Israel-Palestine problem.

Killing Osama bin Laden is nowhere near the end of the death and destruction. A totally different approach is needed. The USA could be the leader in this new approach, but it seems it will depend on the grass roots Americans and the American voter, because obviously the government and the elected officials cannot be depended upon to lead the world in a new direction.

We must make killing, death, destruction and revenge unpopular. We cannot continue to elect politicians who carry on the same old deadly and costly cycle. It is up to you and me.

S. Hein
May 9, 2011

May 10

You can see the lack of empathy Americans have on this page which reported that bin Laden's mother in law died upon hearing the news that Osama had been assassinated.


I have also learned about John Pilger, Australian Journalist. If you are interested in freedom, democracy etc. he is worth googling.

Giving bin Laden a Chance to Enter Heaven

Today, Jan 6, 2011 I found something else that bothers me about the way bin Laden, and many others are killed. When reading some back up text from my justice pages I found a little story which tells us a man known as a Christian preacher gave a dying man a last chance to get into heaven. But this was not offered to bin Laden.

Since Obama calls himself a Christian, and is a world leader and thus a role model for Christians, Americans etc., it would seem to me that he would want to give bin Laden, or anyone else, a chance to "accept Christ" before they die or are killed, murdered, assassinated, blown apart by a drone etc.

This gives me the idea of an automated attendant type Christian drone. You know how when you call a bank or a phone company and such you can press 1 for this and 2 for that, or you can even speak in your choices now? Well, what if they had a drone that was just about to kill an undesirable person and it stopped and said "If you are a Christian say 'yes'. If you are not a Christian, say 'no'." Then if you said yes it replies "Thank you. Have a great eternity." Then it kills you. But if you said no, then it asks you if you want to accept Christ and tells you that you have so many seconds to answer. If you say "yes" it tells you, "Good choice!" with a happy, cheerful school teacher or emotionally plastic parent voice. Then it says, "Have a great eternity!" and kills you.

Now if you say no, or if you don't answer in time it says, "I guess you are choosing to go to Hell. How unfortunate for you. Hope you suffer, loser." Then it kills you.

Here is the story...

Early in his ministry, Dr. Barnhouse met a man who lived near the church where he preached. When he spoke to him about his salvation & heaven, the man patronizingly laughed him off & told him he didn't need church or anything like that. He was an active member of a lodge and if any man lived up to the high principles of that lodge he would be all right. He saw him from time to time and would ask him about his relationship with the Lord. His reply: “He was living up to his lodge obligations.” One day someone told Dr. B that the man was seriously ill & wasn't expected to live out the day. He went to see him. His lodge buddy was sitting across the room from him on the deathwatch. “I knew the dying man’s case was desperate, and I decided that a desperate remedy was necessary. I sat down by his bedside and said to him, "You do not mind my staying a few minutes and watching you, do you? I have wondered what it would mean to die without Christ, and I have known you for several years now as a man who said he did not need Christ but that his lodge obligations were enough, and I would like to see a man come to the end that way, to see what it is like.”

I will never forget that which followed. He looked at me like a wounded animal and slowly said: "You wouldn’t mock a dying man, would you?” Then I asked him what answer he would give when God asked him what right he would have to enter the Lord's holy heaven? Great tears ran down the man's pale face and he looked as me in agonizing silence. Quickly, I told him how he might approach God through the merits of Christ, and it was not long before he began to say that his mother had taught him these things as a child. He had abandoned them. But in those moments he came to God, accepted Christ as his Savior, and called his family in to share his testimony with them.