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Here are several articles on emotional neglect

Teens, Internet, Emotional Neglect

Emotional Neglect, Self-Harm

When Parents Aren 't There

Four Words My Family Never Said to Me

- Cell phone as a Leash



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Using A Cell Phone as a Leash

Putting a leash on a child or teen is a form of emotional neglect because it denies them the natural need to feel both free and trusted.

Using a teen's cell phone as a leash seems to be growing in popularity around the world, especially with the new ability to track the location of the phone with a GPS.

Here is a short chat where a teen and I talked about the cell phone as a leash


bookends: (05:30:50 AM) I'm only allowed to call mom, dad, and my siblings with it. No texting.
bookends :  (05:30:59 AM) I really hate it. It's like a leash. I get in trouble if I do not have it with me at all times.
stevehein (05:31:10 AM): funny u say that
stevehein (05:31:27 AM): cuz i noticed how paents use the cell phones as a leash here in montenegro
stevehein (05:31:36 AM): they call and go "where are u?"
stevehein (05:31:43 AM): lol not "how are u?"
stevehein (05:31:54 AM): Leash was exactly the word i used

bookends (05:32:16 AM): You just made me laugh a little. Thank you.bookends (05:35:29 AM): My parents actually read all the incoming and outgoing calls on the bill.

stevehein (05:36:09 AM): wow
stevehein (05:36:22 AM): thats more than a bit controlling...

Four Words My Family Never Said to Me

One type of emotional neglect is not filling a child's emotional needs. For example, not helping a child feel important would be a form of emotional neglect.

While living in South America I wrote a short article about how my family never told me I was important. When a hotel manager said those four words to me, it really affected me. Here is the story.







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