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6:45 AM Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria


I am staying at a hostel called Hostel Mostel. I just cleaned some snow from the managerīs car. The question is: What would motivate me to do this?

When I was young I would shovel the snow from the front of other people's houses. But I usually did it for money unless the house was right next door. I also shoveled the snow off of the sidewalk, steps and street in front of our house. But not for money. So what movtivated me as a child, teen or university student to shovel snow from the front of our house? (Note) Was my motivation to shovel show in any of the situations connected to my emotional intelligence? When I shoveled the snow for money, was that because I had high emotional intelligence? Or when I shoveled it to get my mother's approval was that because I had high EI? Or when I shoveled it from the front of my neighbor's houses to be helpful, was related to my emotional intelligence? Or when I cleaned the snow from the manger's car, was that because I had high emotional intelligence. Or since I wasn't getting paid for it, was it a sigh of low emotional intelligence? (More questions)


I read something yesterday about "Locus of Control". It presented some academic studies which showed, for exampke, that one's "internal" center of control tended to increase with age, economic status, social stability and overall security, This makes sense. If I don't need to do somethiing out of fear or out of a desire for and a need for money, then I can do the things I want to do for myself. This seeems to be what Maslow called self-actualization.

I am 50 now, relatively financially secure. I am often motivated by intrinsic feelings of satisfactionm, and often motivated by the desire for and need for approval. So let me return to the original queestion of why I would start to clear the snow from the hostel manager's car this morning. And why I would feel motivated to clearn the snow from the steps.

Now I will post the pictures before I go on...

What would motivate me to turn the laptop screen so he could see what I was doing? What would motivate me to ask him if he would like to learn how to make web pages? What would motivate me to show him how to make a link?


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I might more accurately say "my mother's house", since a) I had no legal claim to it or financial stake in it and b) she controlled the atmostphere, or was at least the dominant force in the house. My father was always trying to get her approval, but only succeded temporarily, then she would disapprove of something again. I suspect my father felt very confused, although I never heard him say that. I regret that I was had the chance to talk to my father about his feelings, and the way my mother provoked and manipulated him.


More questions

Would we say that someone who helps others without getting paid for it is a "star performer" or is "suceesful". Is it "appropriate" to shovel snow for someone when you are not getting paid for it? Is it "appropriate" to do it when you are getting paid? If so, how much money is "appropriate"? I ask these questions because people like Dan Goleman and David Caruso often use words like star performer, successful and approriate in their writing, so I want to call attention to them.