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Here are a few things from my travels. S. Hein

Bolivia | Bosnia | Holland- Bob's Hostel | Peru | Romania

"Traveling is important"

Sri Lanka

While living in Montenegro I made this website

Here is a funny pic I don't think I have on that site...

I also made one in Ecuador, Argentina and Bulgaria, but they are gone now.

Malaysia | Thailand


Some Things You Won't See In America


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Sri Lanka

January 2011

Guest house owner said to me "Don't put meat by the statue of budha"

Later asked me "which shop was it?" when I told her a shop keeper told me the tuk tuk drivers were charging too much.

What if truth was more important to you than to others around you?
What if you didn't know who to believe?

Not sure what I can and can't do.
Not sure who to believe.

Sadness... from loss of trust

She needs money.

She has two washing machines but she doesn't use them. Instead she makes me wash the clothes to save electricity.

They charge 500 rupees for some bread and papaya juice.
You can each much better for 200 rupees in town.

If I sit in the living room, I am afraid the servant will start to talk to me. I am afraid she is setting me up to ask me for money. (like the guy in indonesia with his "sister")

Today she said she wants to leave the country, but she needs help. She told me she can see that I am a good person.

She said the owner doesn't want her to talk to the guests, but she likes to talk and she feels better when she does.

She is setting up some kind of secrecy between us. I know now she is afraid of the owner. She says, "Here she comes" and hurries away.

Owner asked if I wanted breakfast. I felt guilty and afraid to say no. Afraid she will accuse the servant of telling me that breakfast was expensive.

The first morning the servant was outside my window and started talking to me. I felt a little invaded.

I want to close the curtains now. But it will be too dark. If I turn on the lights the owner might say please don't use the lights during the day. Just open the curtains. But I wouldn't want to tell her why I don't want to open the curtains.

This is only the second morning. I am afraid of more things each day, nearly each time I leave the room.


House shot up with bullet holes - A very nice man and his father let us put our tents there. It hurts me to think that people who didn't even know this family was shooting at them... only because of their religion....

Some Things You Won't See In America - The "Land of the Free"

From Montenegro

2200 x 1650

Dangerous School Crossing

From Kolasin

Montenegro - Rabija Prascevic Dalmatinska 96  

One hotel we stayed in was so cheap and crappy we could tell the sheets had not been washed. So we put the tent on top of the bed. I can't remember why we put the sheet on the side.. (Not all hotels were this bad, btw)

Jamaa' 067 29 18 2xx year of f85 olds - from airport





The site of a nice guy from France who I met in Wanaka, New Zealand
The owner here was really nice to us when we stopped by. He pulled a lot of cactus fruit needles out of our hands! This is a nice place to stay in Sri Lanka. You can get a couple busses to the airport from here.
Fernando Srilah - Cupid Garden, Reception Hall. Negombo, Sri Lanka 031 223 8039
0777-873513 - Let us rest, brought us some Coke.
Garden Cafe - Kandy, Sri Lanka. At the end of the lake in town. 15 minute walk from the center. Very good food. Friendly staff. Very cheap. We miss it.
Nice hotel in Istanbul. Tony was a good guy to talk to. We miss him.


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Kota Kinabalu - First stayed at Borneo Backpackers then Stay in Lodge on jl gaya, then Red Palm Then City Park Lodge - David, nana, Auring

Kuching - Asian Hotel- near waterfront and CPL city public Link Bus terminal
Misron was driver with 26 year old son and 19 year old daughter taking year off - we had long talk about lots of things.

CPL bus phone 082 428 278 082 239 178 fax 082 429 278

Public Hotel was tiny one on other side of same block - opposite fish cafe stalls -

Public Lodge was ~60 for private

Link ad
KL - Kuala Lumpur - New Winner was on same street as Pods. 70 for private with wifi Ipoh - Shanghai - i like it so far :) - still all good. except no hot water it seems
017 466 0665 chan 016 542 8798 Jalan Mustapha al bakri
Old town white coffee near train station in ipoh - open till midnight Hong Hin Hotel - 43 ringit -"HONGhinHOTEL at hotmail 05 2548 249
YMCA's in Ipoh, KL and Penang Cameron Highlands - Twin Pines + 60 05 491 2169 (Had bed bugs)
Kuala Lumpur - Wheelers - where I stayed when met Fabio Pangor Island - First night: Ombak Inn Chalet Nipah Bay- cockroach, broken toilet, exensive - 80 ringet, expensive bike rental 20 r per day. No wifi of their own.

Next night Best Stay Hotel - 80 ring discounted price cuz low season. Simon, and Rachael (engaged) young, intelligent chinese christian guy.

Chuan Fu or Chuan Full - Old place. Nice. View of water. Uncle Tan
05 6851123 cell 016-549 7732

Lumut (Across from Pangkor - Superclean Holiday & Tour has apartments for rent- is the leasing agent. -- navaltown.com/ Georgetown/Penang - KK Budget Hotel is now Golden Green

hotelgoldengreen - gmail.com Hafiz 016 715 6004 60 4 262 3202 26 Lebuh Chulia

Friendship Motel on Penang Street looked ok - AC off during day. Clean. No wifi as of April 2012


Writing from Thailand

Satun->Trang (Trang Hotel, Kohteng) ->Thung Song Junction (Thiam Fah)

Trang Hotel had no wifi, but had fridge. was PJ 590 baht. PJ Guesthouse said to be ok and has wifi in Trang.

Thiam Fah was good. Had wifi. 330 for AC. 220 fan.

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Khon Kaen

PP Hotel -- near train station - I went there first after road was flooded, past market.

Nong Khai - Thai Nongkhai Guest House "Som" (rhymes with rome was manager - part of family ownership) 450 baht AC - spoke English pretty well. Mut Mee was where guy from England worked. Near river.


Libertad an hour from Montevideo towards Colonia

Hospedaje Centro Alban

25 de Agosto 1040

ph +598 4345 2070

paid just 200 pesos - about 9 dollars for a private room. shared bath. but lots of mosquitos.




Santa Vitoria, Palmar, RS

Stayed at Hotel Taperinha

Rua Saldanha Marinho 895

paid 45 reales about 20 dollars

Was 1/2 block from bus station. private bath. quiet. wifi in lobby but not in my room - which was good to keep me from OD'ing on net, painful info




Manchester Guest House


Beach Star

Malaysia - Melaka - Hotel Kota Lodge

Tamri Hotel Agadir, Morocco - Karim 1 Ave Kennedy Talborjt

| Sidi Ifni Camping

Etap Hotel - Spoke to a man from Vietnam who was working at the reception desk.

Hotel Albergo

... Istanbul - Tony - Helped me exchange some old money.

Sophin - Dubai

Garden Cafe - Kandy


My goal in writing this review of the Traveller's Planet Hostel is to   - Keep my word. Act honestly, with integrity. - Write something which I believe could help the owner. - Get the owner more interested in my writing, work, ideas. - Increase the positive feelings that the owner has for me.  Create feelings of appreciation, interest. - Practice writing a review. Practice writing in  DC/SPH way. Incorporate some of the DC ideas.     I originally planned to say two nights   How satisfied were you from 0-10?   How likely are you to recommend   - Use his website   - Create a travels page          

Wanaka show - justcabins.co.nz Rent a room - Just perfect for getting your teenager out of the house, but not out of the home.